Poland volunteering opportunity: Agri-environment and crafts guest farm

Hello everyone.

Our helper (the best one ever) has left us, after 7 months of stay. So we could invite someone new. Couples preferred ;)

We can offer an independent job, as well as an independent simple little house to stay.

I am sure you would find our ranch quite exotic!

 We have living creatures here, forests, old orchards, meadows and fields.
 If tractor - thirty years old Russian made machine called Lenin.
No sealed roads.

 You can wander all day and not meet a single man if you don't want to.
You can have a lot of hard "real man's" jobs here.

Mending fences for the horses (first you have to get material from the woods). Making clay walls for the new forest house. Help feeding horses and goats, dogs and cats.
Help with the field jobs (depending on the season).
Chopping wood for winter. Cooking. And much more. I promise you be tired and satisfied every evening, sitting by the fire.

Contact details

Please see our website. 
Phone: +48 695 442 564
E-mail uroczysko@e-mail.net.pl


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