Volunteering in a library - Battdambang, Cambodia

For all those people who would like to live a new experience volunteering in a library center in Cambodia this is your opportunity.

My name is Sarin. I was a farmer, and i know how difficult live can be when you dont have money and education.

Fortunately, now i have a job and I live in the Battambang. I want to help my poor villagers and because I think education is one of the most important thing I opened this Library center.

We are looking for english teachers volunteers or people who can help me to set up the library or with any other thing.

We can offer free accomodation in the village with my family. It doesnt matter if you stay a short or long term.

We need more books and schoolar material. So I was thinking this group can help me to collect it.
If any of you can send me books (any book) and they are not for children I can sell them in the second hand shop and to use the money to buy new material.

If anybody is interesting in this, let me know and i will explain you more about it.

Thank you.

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