Volunteering in National park - Usti nad Labem Region, in Czech Republic

We offer work on reconstruction more than 100 years old timber cabin in National park Bohemian Switzerland in August 2018 with some free days for exploring national park and surroundings.

The timber cabin is half wooden and half stony.

Volunteers could help us with

  •  cleaning old coatings on walls and ceiling, 
  • grinding and painting wooden windows, 
  • insulations, 
  • repair of eaves, 
  • water retention, 
  • repair of fence.

We can provide accommodation to 8 people and nice garden with fire place and some fruit in this garden and food during working days.

Free time the volunteers can explore the village, its surroundings and especially beautiful National park Bohemian Switzerland with sandstones towns and many lookout towers.

NO DRUGS, we are almost abstinents, so we don´t provide alcohol, and we don´t smoke.

So if you must smoke, not in the house but far from it.
The timber cabin would fire too quickly :-(.

Contact details

my email address:
Nice evening,

Usti nad Labem, Usti nad Labem Region, Czech Republic


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