Volunteering opportunity in Indonesia - teaching english

Attention: this is a paid volunteering opportunity. The host charges a fee.

Hello, I am Amma.
I leave in Palopo, in South Sulawesi, Indonesia
We need native English speakers to assist our junior and senior high school students learning English.
We operate in a stronghold of traditional culture. If you have desire to experience something unique and traditional,in exchange for English instruction to young students, read on.

We offer:

-simple accommodation
-cultural activities

What we expect:

-5 days teaching( can be negotiated)
-a minimum of two weeks at our center.
There are many places of interest for travelers in this area. We can bring volunteers to special pleace in the mountains, look Toraja and look their unique Culture and scenery, art centers, beaches and many things

Who are our students?

Our students are from poor rural areas. They either study in government schools or local Madrasah(Islamic boarding schools). students benefit greatly from contact with foreigners and voluntary work is very much appreciated by everybody in the community.

 You will experience much gratitude all around.

Our Philosophy:

We follow the Muslim faith but are tolerant of other views. We believe in tolerance and the principle of mutual help known in Indonesia as Gotong Royong.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to foster tolerance,personal and social responsibility, as well as love of learning.
Requirements of Volunteers:
Volunteers should be adventurous, have a sense of fun, a love of teaching, a willingness to share knowledge of English and their culture.Volunteers should realize accommodation is basic.

Help Needed:

1. English teaching
2. Community development
3. Fundraising
4. Sharing Ideas!
5. Volunteer must donate $10 USD each person/per day for education in my institute.


Contact me by WhatsApp +62811426612
Looking forward to hearing from you.


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