Bamboo Volunteer: Ngo & Community Youth looking for volunteers in Vietnam



We are a NGO that has established the following missions to help our community’s Youth:
- Mobilize support from international resources to implement programs enabling capacity development for local educational institutions.
-Utilize international resources to supplement the learning available in our educational institutions.
- Design and implement educational programs to develop skills for young people
- Develop student’s professional skills through vocational exercises.
- Design and implement community development programs with special attention to the benefit of disadvantaged groups such as children and teenagers in the countryside.
- Optimize community impact by engaging disadvantaged groups in Viet Nam’s countryside and rural areas.
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🔺 Location

 Room 401, Building A5, Alley 28, Xuan la street, Tay Ho district

voluntouring 🔺 Working time

 in the afternoon or evening ( Monday to Friday with flexible time of volunteers) 4.30-6pm and 6.30 -8pm

🔺 Benefits 

- Be provided free accommodation, food (none of volunteers have to pay any extra costs when volunteering in our organization)
- Join in our charity activities and experience programs
- Get certificate from NGO


If you are interested, please contact with us: 

Tel: 0971 104 666/ 08686 65696 (Ms. Loan)


Our page:

Bamboovolunteerofficial FB

Thank you very much 😊😊



Bamboo Volunteer is a community organization that connects not only international but also local volunteers to join in hand to help the Vietnamese youth.


  1. Dear Volunteer,

    We are delighted to welcome you as a volunteer for Plan For Humanity Development Initiative (PHDI).

    This policy framework aims to provide you with all the information you need about our general policies and procedures. For some volunteering roles you may also receive role specific Guidelines in addition to this policy.

    You may find that some of this document sounds a bit formal and official. On a day to day basis we’re not like that at all, and I’m proud of the strong friendly relationships that exist across volunteers and staff at PHDI. Nevertheless, volunteering for any organization comes with rights and responsibilities. These have to be underpinned by very clear rules and protocols, so that in the unlikely event of things going wrong, both you and PHDI have a clear agreement that both have signed up to.

    The work of PHDI would not be possible without the help of a large number of volunteers, and we greatly appreciate your support in making it possible for PHDI to assist more people and their families.

    As you will be aware, we receive no government funding and rely totally on the generosity of individuals and organizations to continue transforming the lives of adults and children with disdain need. Volunteers play a great role in supporting our fundraising work and getting the message across about the services we offer.

    As a volunteer you are joining a team of people from all walks of life, who contribute not only a great deal of time, but bring skills, knowledge and individuality to our organization. We especially appreciate qualities such as reliability, common sense and flexibility, and sincerely value the substantial contribution this team of special people make to our organization.

    We look forward to a long and happy working partnership with you.

    With very best wishes.

    PHDI Team


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