Wwoof & Cultural Exchange in North Morocco in Chefchaouen region [The blue Pearl gate]

Volunteering Opportunities in North Morocco, Chefchaouen city "the blue Pearl gate. You are welcome to join our community.

Update 20 07 2018

Looking for a waitress / Chef Assistant for my restaurant in Chefchaouen city, North Morocco

Start: from August
Length : one month up to 3 months
Salary : 2100 dh, all accommodations are included (housing and food)

Other volunteering option: 

- Keeping traditional farming in rural areas
- Working on organic food
- Developping local tourism in Chefchaouen region
- Exchanging arts & culture (Hospitality, Languages,...)
- Evolving Wwoofing & Voluntary work in North Morocco (Offers will be listed soon)
- Hosting in exchange of volunteering (Work away & stay local)

Contact details / other Links:

- https://culturalexchange.com/profile/?mid=95950&ownprofile=0
- https://wwoofinternational.org/independents/profile/?mid=112073&ownprofile=0




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