Be a volunteer in our hostel and urban permaculture center

Looking for hands on experience with sustainable living skills? Would you like to learn how to run a sustainable hostel? Be a volunteer in our hostel and urban permaculture center and make it happen.

Preference is given to those with a PDC (Permaculture Design Certificate) but if you have experience in hospitality service, building, plumbing, welding or information technology this is a great way to upgrade your skills and learn Spanish.

We offer the opportunity to learn advanced permaculture design skills as well as housing and meals in our cozy hostel and forest retreat.

Contact us for more information

Here are some of the projects we will be working on.
  • * Rocket Cooking Stoves and High Efficiency Wood Stoves
  • * Rainwater catchement system.
  • * Solar Shower
  • * Bamboo Structures
  • * Earth Buildings
  • * Greenhouse construction
  • * Vertical Gardening
  • * Living Walls
  • * Natural paint and plastering
  • * Food Perservation
  • * Rapid Compost Systems
  • * Bicycle Generated Pumps
  • * Community Training and Outreach
  • * Linux and Web Development (Share ware is the permaculture way)


Contact us

Garcia Reyes 550, Valdivia 5090000,
Región de Los Ríos, Chile
Tel: +56 63 222 2202

Cel/Whatsapp: +56 9 5117 2731


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