Experience a community lifestyle in Slovenia - (a recommended place for volunteering!)

intentional community in Slovenia

Hospitality for slow travelers: au pair or "Point of Balance"

"There are several ways to become part of our intentional community, for a few days, a few weeks, a few months, or..who knows!

  •     Free Au Pair hospitality: you can offer help as volunteers in exchange for complete hospitality. In this regard, you must register for payment on Workaway [30euro] and contact them after searching for them on the site list. Or you can write us an e-mail [see contact details below].
  •     Laboratories & Workshops: You can take part in spring and summer workshops published on their official website.
  •     Free visit: in this case the visitors return the hospitality with a free donation.
  •     Permanence and free stay with the "point of balance" formula. The economic contribution for the hospitality is totally voluntary and anonymous, based on the trust and on the economic possibilities of the offerer.
    "We accept contributions based on the" Point of Balance ". The point of equilibrium is the quantity that makes those who give and those who receive feel good. For example, a contribution of EUR 50 is desirable, but those who travel can not afford it, so maybe they can leave only 20 euros, and that's fine! Those who have a regular income and are more wealthy, are encouraged to pay a fair price and, if possible, extra coverage for those who can not pay at all. This is one of the principles of the gift economy and so far it works well. We hope not to change it ".

    The money that we collect from donations, adding to the monthly quota of each member of the community, will go to cover and secure finacial community expenses.

Bartering is also accepted, that is bringing food, agricultural products, work tools and other useful goods.

Sunny Hill is basically an open community, happy to host any time of the year.

Of course, whatever length of stay you want and whatever your exchange proposal is, it is always good to notify the community of your arrival in good time.

Source: http://www.viaggiareconlentezza.com/2018/05/18/comunita-intenzionale-sunny-hill/



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