Fohuso, volunteering opportunity in northern Tanzania, Mwanza


“JISIKIE NYUMBANI” is a Swahili phrase meaning “FEEL AT HOME”. 

The project is in itself part of our mission statement aiming to form an interaction bond between our local communities, volunteers and tourists through local community tour safaris.
These safaris will have a much larger impact on both the community and the tourist/volunteer through the knowledge acquired from the conservation made.


 It has come to our attention that most people {tourists} come to our country only to witness the most publicized places such as the Serengeti and etc., which is good, but we intend to give them a test of thepure African life style by taking them to the communities and other local unpublicized sites where the real Tanzanians with all our traditions and culture reside and let them interact with all Tanzanians from different livelihoods. 

Through this they can learn from the society and vice versa creating the bridge and bond of globalization.

 As we have introduced our organization we are talented and professionals in the tour guiding fields and environmental conservation sowe intend to help our communities fully through connecting them
with potential people who can directly help them using their skills or economical stability.

 We also intend to get reviews from the tourists and volunteers so as to reach more potential people who will be interested in changing the society through volunteering or donating to our projects and causes.

  Whether a volunteer/tourist is working in a women’s shelter, healthcare project, working with orphans to improve their standard of living, building a community school, or just participate in the community outreaches or elderly social center or with remote bush tribes, volunteering with FOHUSO on community development project offers the chance to discover many different aspects of volunteering and make a truly positive impact on the lives of others.
 FOHUSO offers in-demand, challenging, and diverse community development volunteer opportunities in Tanzania where help is most needed. You’ll be working with marginalized and excluded people to make their lives better.

Whatever you do, your input will help to shape communities for the future and improve quality of life. The community development volunteer projects in Tanzania are diverse and each brings a unique, exciting experience. When you volunteer in Tanzania you can help in so many ways beyond just giving aid. No matter which project you chose in which to volunteer in Tanzania, you will have an important role to play and your efforts will be greatly appreciated.
School children will benefit from the knowledge you impart, your conservation efforts will contribute towards protecting local wildlife, and you will be part of preserving some of the extraordinary ways of life in this country.

CONTACT details:
Phone +25763497678


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