Vietnam: teach english in exchange of hospitality

Dear Volunteers,

volunteering - teaching english
We are a volunteering organization who desire to build immersive English education programs across Hanoi to help local students learn, practice and improve their English skills. 
Come volunteer, discover Vietnam in the coolest way, and leave with unforgettable memories and lifelong friendships. 
We welcome people from all over the world. 
Previous English teaching experience is welcomed, but not required. 
As long as you are proficient in English and eager to teach and share your experiences, 
we welcome you with open arms.


Volunteers and students all live in the same Homestay, allowing students to interact with English speakers throughout the day. These students are not only very eager to learn English through everyday conversation, but also eager to learn about you. 
Sharing your background, interests and experiences helps students learn about other cultures and the world around them.


In exchange for teaching, you will have great opportunities to discover Vietnam in a truly unique way. 
You will get free home cooked meals or will be taken out to local food stalls. You have the days and weekends to discover Vietnam since classes usually take place in the evening. 
voluntouringIn addition to the volunteering time, you will have the chance to enjoy the culture by participating in a lot of activities with us such as: 
  • Daily coffee with local students; 
  • Local tour at the weekends; 
  •  Experience tour with Vietnamese volunteers; 
  • Volunteers camp, etc.

Contact details

For further information, please contact: +84 165 8180 623

Vu Huong Diep
volunteering - teaching english
volunteering - teaching english
volunteering - teaching english
volunteering - teaching english


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