Volunteer Free Accommodation+food+200 Euros/month in Vietnam


Our organisation was established in order to inspire and empower people from around the world to take part in teaching English to kids and students in Hanoi. It's in northern of Vietnam where the weather is nice and comfortable. The local people are very friendly and hospitable. Besides,Vietnam provides the perfect mixture for everyone considering a new challenge – beautiful scenery, great food, a rich culture and wonderful people.There is surely something for everyone here, bustling cities to calm and peaceful countryside ,Vietnam really does offer a wide range of lifestyles. Unfortunately a sad and war-torn past still haunts this amazing country and poverty and social exclusion are rife in certain areas. Our goal is to bring the joy of life to these areas.

Our aim has always been to bring the English language and the world culture to the young people of Vietnam whilst helping them grow and strive for a better world. Bringing joy to these children or giving a great experience to people traveling the world has been a great privilege.
We want to continue supporting Vietnams growth and help you enjoy an unforgettable experience teaching fantastic children. Join the family and enjoy discovering the Vietnamese culture, an extraordinary cuisine, great downtime, a new language, and plenty of adventures to some of the best places the world has to offer.

How we work:

You won’t have to worry about accommodation. We give you chances to live with us in a large house. Also, we offer a complete homestay experience, with two delicious home-cooked meals per day. Rooms are comfortable, with hot showers and even your laundry taken care of free of charge. This is a great chance for you to live like a local. Joining us in Vietnam isn’t all about the people we help; it is a rich and rewarding experience for the people travelling here too. Our people are exposed to a side of Vietnamese life that tourists and backpackers just don’t see. Our volunteers and teachers work closely with Vietnamese people and can sometimes find themselves living with Vietnamese host families.

*️ Under the volunteering duration, we offer the following benefits to our volunteers:
  • - Direct pick up from the airport.
  • - Free accommodation
  • - Free light breakfast, lunch, dinner, and drinks every day
  • - Visa invitation letter assistance which makes easier and saver for you to get the visa. (Volunteer work Visa 3, 6 or 12 month )
  • - Vietnamese SIM card for the duration of your stay
  • - Travel assistance about the many attractions of Vietnam, including a free map
  • - Vietnamese volunteer to help you move, shop, and learn about Vietnamese customs and culture
  • - After the course, depend on your completion, we would provide you a certificate and a letter of recommendation ( both still from the government of Vietnam)


*️ Whenever you feel that you are ready to commit to the project, please fill out this form so we manage volunteers’ information in advance:

*️ For some extra insight you can check out this video from one of our amazing volunteers.

  • *️ This is my E-mail: TranhonggamET@gmail.com
  • *️This is my phone number: 0084962501336
  • *️ Our address: Room 2601, Song Da Bulding 125 Tran Phu Street, Ha Dong, Ha Noi.
  • *Website. www.mercury.edu.vn

Join us as we work to create a better society!


  1. We have amazing volunteering opportunities in SAF-Teso. We are looking for collaborative, Networking and Partnership Partners. Log www.saftesoug.org

    1. Please, use the contact section to discuss about partnership. Or write us an e-mail voluntouring.freelist@gmail.com

  2. I here
    Can I join ?
    I have licence teaching English
    I had graduated from alazhar university faculty of education English department


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