Voluntouring in Italian Farm, Umbria, Italy: The Soul Farm (an animal farm)


Want to volunteer in exchange of food and accommodation in Italy, Umbria?

Consider to volunteer at Maura's place!


Looking for volunteers in a social farm in Umbria

Wanted: voluntary help in Umbria near Terni, in a social farm full of animals!

Maura, director and agricultural entrepreneur, is looking for volunteers who want to take care of her donkeys and other animals in the house for a few hours a day.

In return, it offers full hospitality and the opportunity to live in a historical and cultural environment, surrounded by a mystical and fascinating atmosphere (that of Umbria, the land of the Etruscans, St. Francis and other important saints, as well as the land of mysterious tribes of the past who performed Celtic and pagan rituals).


Please don't ask for Visa or flight ticket payment! This opportunity is for people inside the European community or travellers that are able to provide their own VISA.

More info

voluntouringThe association that Maura founded is called "i Cembini" and more information can be found on its website (see down below).

This seems to be an interesting opportunity for those who want to experience the campaign in the short or long term. It is also an excellent opportunity for those who need free time or love animals.

There is also the possibility of collaborating with the association to create artistic / cultural / spiritual paths, organize folk events or agricultural activities; in fact, the association owns many unused lands and is open to welcoming proposals, suggestions, initiatives.

Maura is also currently enrolled in the Helpxchange hospitality circuit.

Stay as visitors in the "Soul Farm"

Maura is also willing to accommodate families and travellers who want to visit the farm for short periods (or who have no desire or possibility to physically help), in exchange for a donation or economic contribution.
volunteering ducks

The ideal candidate

The ideal candidate must be responsible, educated, and with a good sense of humour. 
Please, if possible, provide some references as some previous volunteer

Contact details 

You can get more info by visiting his I Cembini website or by contacting via email.

Maura may have difficulties understanding English. A bit of knowledge of Italian could help!

(whatsapp): +39 347 333 2748
www.cembini.it (website in italian, please use google translate)


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