Volunteering on a farm in the south of Namibia, Africa

Wwoof in Namibia

This Announcement in a nutshell:

We always need young or older people who would enjoy the farm experience.

Activities requested

– Caring for animals – like goats, sheep and chickens.

-Helping with a permaculture vegetable garden.Wwoof in Namibia


People can learn different skills regarding gardening, animal husbandry and farm work in general.
House and Pet sitting may also be required for short periods.
The farm is in a remote area of Namibia, 40 km from the nearest small town called Maltahohe and bordering the Namib desert.
It is suitable for nature lovers, and people who enjoy remoteness and sunshine.


There are two guest rooms in the main house where we cook together alternatively in a separate smaller house for those looking for more privacy is available.

There is solar powered electricity, wifi, excellent water and other amenities.
Here you can also see a game such as Springbok, Oryx, Reptiles, Predators and endemic bird species.
Day trips to famous sights – such as the Sossusvlei Dunes, can also be arranged.

We speak English, German and Afrikaans.

Volunteering in exchange for food and accommodation: more details

House, and pet sitting/ employment on vacation.
Wwoof in Namibia

This offer is intended for the visitor who wants to stay a little longer, for example for a few weeks.

This exchange opportunity is also designed for hard-working people that are travelling on a budget.

Here is an opportunity to gain interesting experiences that are not possible in a “normal” vacation.

This offer is ideal for:

  • sabbaticals,
  • interns,
  • volunteers,
  • students, etc.

We offer free accommodation but we expect assistance in the garden, animal care and support in the daily tasks on the farm.

House and petsitting (farm representation)

For people, even couples, who already have some experience with Namibia or farm life, I offer the possibility to do house- and pet sitting.

Here I would give enough training time and information, as well as free food and accommodation.

Periods are individually arranged.

Since with these offers, vacation i.e… Leisure and employment (work) flow smoothly into one another, it seems to me essential that there are sufficient interest and motivation to really get involved and actively help in everyday life.

This is a requirement!

For people who see in this context, primarily cheap accommodation, this concept is not suitable.

From my experience, I know that pronounced city people with little life and travel experience, in this situation and in this special place, can get in trouble.

People in acute crises or with severe mental and physical limitations are also not suitable for this offer.

Please read the “General Information” carefully.

Projects can be tackled based on the abilities of the residents. Most are “down to earth” activities.

This place offers many opportunities to occupy the time meaningfully.

The accommodation is also available here. In the main house, adjoining house or camping.

Should we cook and work together in the main building, we will add a meal allowance depending on the length of stay.


Please contact me – Franziska
you can also visit the website  Рwww.nutupsdrift.de


Author: Voluntouring staff

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