How to plan a trip to Europe with train (Global Pass and Select Pass)

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Are you planning a trip to Europe and need help choosing the correct rail pass?There are 2 different passes than can work for your travel:

The Global pass: 15 (or 22) days of continuous travel

It’s easier because you can travel all the days and in all the countries, but is more expensive.

The Select pass

The Select pass allows you to travel 2, 3, 4, 5 or 8 days in a month, up to a maximum of 4 bordering countries.

This is a valid option, but you can only use the trains in the selected travel days (00:00-23:59 is one day).

You can check all the information and prices in this links:

With the Global pass and your travel days in the Select pass, you can use all the trains you want.

In a nutshell

The Global pass is a free way of travel, and you can change your route, add countries…
But it is more expensive.

The Select pass is cheaper, but you need to have planned your route in advance.
Now the decision is in your hands!

P.s: UK is not included in Eurail pass

Enjoy your trip!

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