Cambodia: Smile Academy is looking for your help!

Dear friends who travel to Angkor Cambodia, I am running a small educational social enterprise in Siem Reap Angkor of Cambodia.

We created an outdoor activities project for students ages 3 to 12 years old to engage them with their community's environment to learn about their environments and social lives.

We are now need hands accompany students with our staff at the community and love to share about skills of running such of social enterprise.

For whom will stay a week or longer, we will provide accommodation and breakfast.

For more information, please contacting me via



The BOOKBRIDGE SmILe Academy: a learning center dedicated to quality education
The SmILe (Smart Interesting Learning) Academy, located in Psah Kralanh in the outskirts of Siem Reap,
Cambodia, is the latest learning centers within the BOOKBRIDGE network. Started off as a scout
exchange program with Mongolia, BOOKBRIDGE has developed into an impactful and purpose-driven
social enterprise, dedicated to providing quality education, where access to it is poor or costly. Thus far
BOOKBRIDGE has initiated 24 learning centers in Mongolia, Cambodia, and Sri Lanka, run by local
community heroes. To learn more about BOOKBRIDGE and its vision and mission, please go to

We at the SmILe Academy aim at providing affordable quality education to pre-school children, primary
school children, as well as youth and adults. We are committed to the achievement of the following
  •  To empower young people to respond to changing free job markets.
  •  To enhance education for children and youth
  •  To engage the community in the value of education and encourage parents to support their
  • children’s learning.
  •  To promote and work in a child safe and child friendly environment
  •  To promote gender equality in the academy and community

Why is your help necessary?

By teaching English, mathematics, life skills and other subjects at SmILe Academy, we aim at
contributing to better employment opportunities for youth and adults, study abroad scholarship
opportunities for students, increased awareness and appreciation for quality education for pre-school
and primary school children, reduced illiteracy, ultimately assist local people to become economically
independent and thus create a lasting impact for community development.
Your valuable role as a teaching volunteer will make a significant impact on the lives of the community
members, help build their confidence and increase their individual potential.

Why it can be an opportunity for you?

You will gain hands-on experience in an educational social enterprise in an international context.
Cambodian students of all ages and backgrounds appreciate the opportunity to interact with fluent
English speakers. You will also have the opportunity to interact and exchange experience with staff
members of other BOOKBRIDGE learning centers in the area.

The SmILe Academy Director and the local teachers will come up with a development plan together with you, so you can get most out of your stay at the SmILE Academy. At the end of your assignment, you will receive an official reference letter by BOOKBRIDGE, a recognized international social enterprise, which will add value in your future career in education or social entrepreneurship. However, most importantly, you will have created positive social impact while having lots fun working in this project.


Main assignment

You will support the local teachers in classes (preschool, young learners and adults), conduct activities
for improving English skills or promote the library. You will also support SmILe Academy improving
anything related to the quality of education (lesson planning, methodologies, resources, curriculum,
etc.). In contrast, we will never require you to teach a course on your own.
Responsibilities and tasks
Depending on your background, skillset and preferences we can tailor the tasks and responsibilities that
suits you most. They may include the following:
  •  Work together with local teachers to improve participatory teaching methods, classroom
  • management, assessments, child protection, gender equality in the classroom, etc.
  •  Teach pronunciation, conversational English and/or social skills for all levels
  •  Teach other contents for preschool level (e.g. mathematics, physical development, etc.)
  •  Supervise homework
  •  Provide individualized attention to students requiring additional aid
  •  Help to create and/or improve lesson plans and activities. Help to create or/and apply new
  • teaching materials such as picture books, instruments, flash cards, art supplies, games, and
  • songs.
  •  If you have personal experience in special education you are very welcome to bring in your skills
  • and initiatives.
  •  Work as a team with the other teachers and staff members


  •  You must be at least 18 years old and in good health.
  •  You will be welcome both if you have experience and training in the educational field or not.
  • What we will really appreciate is your passion for children and education, even if teaching skills
  • are really useful for us.
  •  You should be flexible, patient and bring a positive energy and enthusiasm to make a difference
  • and to be able to work in a new cultural environment.
  •  If you are staying for a long period and have prior teaching experience you may be able to take
  • on a more independent role to teach and lead classes.
  •  The SmILe Academy will also welcome volunteers who express interest in other activities like
  • sports, drama, arts and music.
  • “Labor” conditions
  •  You will be working 40h per week and your schedule can be discussed with the director before
  • or after your arrival.
  •  As a volunteer on this project, you will work mainly from Monday to Friday, but as some
  • activities can be conducted on a Saturday you should equally be prepared to participate. Hours
  • worked on weekends, can be compensated during the week.
  •  Your minimum stay must be of three months, while we prefer longer commitments (6 months
  • or even a year).
  •  SmILe Academy will provide the accommodation at a nearby home stay.
  • Applicants interested in this volunteering project are kindly invited to submit their CVs accompanied bya short motivation letter to

For more information about SmILe Academy you can visit our webpage

or Facebook page (

Shortlisted candidates will be contacted for an interview via Zoom.


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