English school- SmartLink English Center looking for volunteers in Vietnam (paid opportunity)

Hi guys, 
I'm looking for volunteers from overseas to teach our charity English classes for about 2-3 hours per day. In return, I offer FREE accommodation with comfortable bedrooms equipped with all necessary appliances such as A/C, refrigerator, wardrobes. 

Each person has a bed. Bathrooms with electric water heater, washing machine.
Food are also FREE with 3 meals per day. 
In addition, I often hold tours for volunteers and students to explore the beautiful places (Hanoi & surrounds) and their rich cultures 

General info

I think I should give you a brief introduction to my English school -SmartLink English Center.

We offer English courses to local and international companies, hospitals and to hotels, factories and other partners such as kindergarten & primary schools. 

The English charity program is the unique one among the general English courses which operate in the center. 

At the moment, there are more than 300 students enroll in this program, therefore, we are in the very need of volunteers. 

To be more specific, the English charity program aims to help students with little budget to have an opportunity to learn and practice English with foreign volunteers, hence, enhancing their conversational English ability. The program, basically, is designed with two different kinds of classes: Pronunciation & Communication. 

The students are placed in the right class equivalent to their English level. 

All the materials for teaching are prepared by us. The volunteers will deliver the lessons based on the syllabus and the content of each lesson designed by SmartLink. 

We will have a responsibility to train the volunteers and of course, to share the ESL teaching methods. 

That does not mean, the volunteers are restricted to follow our teaching style.

We encourage them to create their own style. 

The lessons with the previous volunteers so far have been very interesting and the learning environment is very active, comfortable and funny. 

Normally, the volunteers confirm to stay with us and to work with us for at least 7-10 days. 

However, with this season, we accept any volunteer who is going to stay even for a few days. 

Location: Thai Thinh street, Dong Da district, HN


FREE accommodation, Food & Drinks, Exchange Language, ESL Teaching Training

Other benefits: Teaching Job Opportunities

Teaching Job Opportunities offered by SmartLink, Tours operated by SmartLink
Bonus: 1000.000 dong/15 days and 2000.000 dong/ 1 month
Responsibilities: 2-3 teaching hours per day



Website: www.smartlink.edu.vn 

Email: tuyendungsml@gmail.com 

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/SmartLinkHN

Best regards, 


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