Help at the Child hope foundation (CHF) in in rural area of Kilimanjaro and Serengeti, Tanzania

Greeting from Serengeti Tanzania.

Child hope foundation (CHF) is an independent, non-profit, organization, non-religious, non-partisan and it was initiated and established in year 2012., It was finally registered in 2014 in Dar es salaam Tanzania. 

CHF aims at improving the quality of life of high vulnerable children and women at the grass root level. 

The project operates in rural area of Kilimanjaro and Serengeti. These are tourism region in Tanzania, but inhabited with low income earns most of the people are illiterate. 

voluntouring.orgWe choose Serengeti and Kilimanjaro as our ideal sites for our Program because it is the intersection of poverty and opportunities.

Since CHF has implemented programmers to address these ills, it has learnt that long-term sustainable and impact on these children's lives is best cultivated from their communities. 

After year of reflection, CHF's direction has shifted with greater emphasis on empowering vulnerable children in their communities.

We formed a women group known as "AMANI WOMEN GROUP'' to start small activities and try to help children and the communities in participate way. 

Since these women being mother of some of students, it is obvious that working together could be constructive for communities.

Through women group we are stimulating job creation and economic growth by providing micro and small entrepreneurship with advice, Mentorship and Entrepreneurship training. 

Currently we have 200 women in both project one in Kilimanjaro and another one in Serengeti.

We are looking international volunteers(partnership) to participate in offering assistance to our local community partners in Kilimanjaro, Tanga, Arusha and Serengeti.

They can offer vital assistance to

  • rural health clinic, 
  • rural elementary schools, 
  • primary schools,  
  • secondary school

Also they can participate on 

    voluntourism - voluntouring
  • small business development, 
  • computer training,
  • women empowerment, 
  • seminars and workshop on health, 
  • Serengeti wildlife
  • construction and entrepreneurship


For more information! 

It's easy just to write an email to

or visit our social media
  • facebook(childhopetz2014), 
  • twitter(HOPEFOUNDATIO20) and
  • CHF Volunteer group or enter our web

Emmanuel Maro,
Tanzania Country  Director,

Additional info about the accommodation in Moshi, Kilimajaro

Moshi is a town in northern Tanzania, near the Kenyan border. 
It's known as a gateway to Kilimanjaro National Park, home to Africa's highest mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro. 

Trails run up the mountain’s cloud-ringed, snow-capped dome, through alpine forests and meadows home to elephants and leopards.
One of Tanzania's major coffee-producing hubs, Moshi is known for its coffee farms and auctions. 

Our volunteer Hostel is located in a very secure area, only 15 min walk from the city center of Moshi, Tanzania.

We offer accommodation to short and long term volunteers.

 We have 2 and 4 mixed bedrooms where you can get to know other people really close, .
This fully furnished hostel with all facilities will make your stay comfortable. Hot water, mosquito nets, fridge, lockers, bar. 
You can even watch movies or play some cards in our great living room combined with a spacious terrace, where you can chat with other volunteers for hours while looking at the moon and stars.
Breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided at the volunteer house from Monday to Sunday and are included within the program  fee.

Travel and Sightseeing Opportunities in Tanzania

Tanzania is an intensely varied and colorful land on the East coast of Africa. Home to Africa’s highest mountain, largest lake, huge wildlife reserves, and hundreds of paradise beaches, it is without a doubt one of Africa’s most appealing destinations and a great introduction to the African continent. There are plenty of interests and entertainment to pursue when you’re not working. The vibrant markets are worth exploring and are a great place to buy traditional batiks, wood carvings, and Maasai jewelry.

There is plenty to explore in and around Dar es Salaam, like the National Museum, the Village Museum, and the Botanical Gardens. There are popular beaches just to the north of the city or you can take a two-hour boat ride to the stunning spice island of Zanzibar. Zanzibar offers an alternative side of Africa, one of tropical seas perfect for snorkeling and diving combined with a traditional Swahili way of life.

Did you know? Tanzania got its name when the country of Tanganyika, and the island nation of Zanzibar, were unified in 1964.

Our base in Moshi places you within easy reach of the vast Serengeti National Park and the lesser known Arusha National Park, which can be visited as a day trip from Arusha. Mount Kilimanjaro National Park is also less than  one hours drive away and climbing Africa’s highest mountain is an enticing and achievable challenge for most.

Tanzania is now firmly established as one of the best safari destinations in the world  and this year Tanzania is rated the best safari country of 2017 in Africa with an impressive 25% of the country protected as national parks or conservation areas. Although working as a volunteer abroad in Tanzania will put you in contact with the welcoming Tanzanian people, the wildlife is not to be missed.

Travel around Tanzania has improved greatly over recent years and buses between the main towns are cheap and reasonably efficient. Traveling by train is an option to visit towns between the coast and the west of the country.
Locations of Tanzania Volunteer& Intern Programs
We have volunteer work placements in both urban and rural Tanzania. Locations include but not limited to:
  • •       Kilimanjaro (Masai project )
  • •        Serengeti (rural)
  • •        (urban/rural)
  • •       Other areas can possibly be arranged upon request
In urban and suburban locations, most homes have electricity and running water. In rural areas, resources are limited and the condition can be very basic.
Start Dates and Durations
We pride ourselves for our flexibility. You can arrive any week of the year with enough advanced notice. Either because of a personal reason or because of a discount promotional flight that you want to take advantage of, we can arrange for you as long as we are given enough advanced notice before arrival.
You can volunteer for periods of 1 week to 3 months. In the end of your program, if you wish to extend your stay, we can arrange for you.

Tanzania Volunteer Work Placements

There are volunteer work placements available in both urban and rural Tanzania. Our volunteer/intern work placements include the following major categories:


o       Women’s Empowerment.


o       Assisting Health Professionals


o       Awareness Campaigns
o       Conducting HIV lessons


o       Teaching Children
o       Teaching English
           ( 5) Serengeti wildlife conservation

Please note that some work placements may require a surcharge since they are harder or more costly to arrange. Also, more works can possibly be arranged upon request.

Tanzania Volunteer/Intern Requirements

•       Age Requirement: You can apply on your own if you are 18 years or over at the start of the program. For participants who are 15-17 years old at the start of the program, it is possible to enroll if the legal guardian gives permission and signs our waiver form to waive our liability.
•       Language Requirement: You must be able to speak English.

•       Cooperation and Adaptability: You should be able to work well with others, including people who are quite different from yourself. Also, you should be able to adapt to foreign environments, other cultures, and new situations. There is a need for international volunteers to be cooperative and flexible. The success of doing a project abroad also depends on you.

•       Some positions may require volunteers/interns have relevant training or certification.
Tanzania Program Prices

Our fees are the extremely affordable and the lowest in Tanzania. Our program fee starts as little as USD$125 per week. 

Program fees mainly help us cover the variable costs, such as meals
(Break fast, lunch and dinner), accommodation, and orientation, etc. Program fees vary according to the length of your program.

Best regard,


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