Help in an animal farm (and in medievil festivals) in the south of France

Animal Sanctuary, small farm in Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur, is looking for volunteers

Hello, have a very little farm with ten sheeps and goats, and two pigs but in fact we help farm animals which are abandoned...
To earn money we works all week-ends in middle-age festivals.
So for the summer we would love to have some one to come and help us.
We speak french, english, a little spanish, italian, chinese.
We offer food and accommodation in exchange!

Activities and other info

We need people to take care of farm animals, to help us to welcome new abandoned animals, to be at home when we go to medievil festivals with animals or to come with us to the festival. It's for summer to october but it can be only one or two weeks.
We live in the South of France, in Provence, at feet of the Saint Victoire, mountain painted by Cézanne. We are 30 km from the Mediterranean Sea. We have a small farm with goats, little pigs.. . Our house is big but not ended, often in a mess because I am not organized... I go to the beach rather than to do the houseworks !

Contact Details

My mail is:

volunteering in france


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