Homestay at a cat crazy home in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain

Help us with cooking, decluttering and feng-shuing

Homestay at a cat crazy home in Santa Cruz de Tenerife with atheist-pantheist dreams/mind mapping lovers. 

Help us with cooking, decluttering and feng-shuing

Hi, my husband and I need sometimes help with the daily tasks of our slow - living life.

We love to test new récipes, we cook for our cats, and like to have our terrace ready and for stargazing. 

We are non-smokers and accept only non-smoker and cat lovers. Our home is 20 minutes walking from the city centre and from here one can go using public transportation to very nice landscapes. Santa Cruz is 26ºC in summer and our flat is so summy in Winter that can be 24ºC in Winter mornings.

Type of help

  • Gardening
  • General Maintenance
  • Cooking / shopping
  • Other
  • Help in the house
  • Animal care
  • Language practice
  • Art project
  • Help with Computers / internet
  • Teaching


As you come (NOT BEFORE) bring a copy of your Passport and social security or insurance for your health and travel. We do not want to have trouble regarding that. If posible give us a contact number of your family and Friends and follow our advice regarding hiking in the wild. Is not safe in many trails of the island hiking alone.

You wont have our keys and in weekdays you must arrive at 11 pm ( if you arrive late you cannot cook, due to smells). When we need to go our you also should go out. We do not allow anybody to stay at home while we are out.

Extreme care with our cats who do not go out is also a very important issue at our place. 

At our house we do have needs related with improving our skills on sewing, embroidering, cloths upcycling, and other creative áreas. However our main need is with normal home tasks. But if you are a skilled one, on that matters or a creative person we may include that in part of your work hours. These are up to 5 hours of work per night you sleep at our place, 5 days a week and can be flexibly organized if you want to have more free days ( or can be less tan that depending on the week). We offer you food but you must cook it or help with cooking or follow instructions when testting new recipes. We do not offer a homestay longer than 9 nights. If you need extratime for special needs of your own eating habits, this time is not part of your working hours.

We also like to share time with helpers but prefer independent ones, eager to explore the city. This is a small flat that does not allow great intimacy. Anyhow you have your own small but cozy room and a powder room but shared douche. You can always close your room door and have intimacy but we are experienced at having helpers and couchsurfers and prefer people who are not iddle at home after they finish their work. 

If you are a massage terapist we also would like to include that on your working ours if we connect well and do not fell unconfortable with that. I say so because i am a housewife but have to use these type of platforms due to health problems that have made us look for additional help sometimes.

If you know autocad 3D or othe usefull 3D easy to learn program for cloths design is very likely you only work less on hometasks at some of your work hours are used on that programm teaching. The same is applied if your native language is German.

In our home is very likey to work with us on some fengshuing and decluttering tasks. And other times we really appreciate proactive people, that is, people that do not need to be pullled or be said all the time: "ist time to work". We are laid back people and want you also to enjoy your stay in the island and will help you to explore it in a way that fits your budget, we want to learn from the human being that you are.

We do not have kids. In case you have a kid (6- 12 years old) you may bring him/her ( previous info is needed) but his/her food is not on us but should be your own expense and your kid must be well behaved and polite. You may describe him/ her to us before hand and i cannot assure you we accept you if you have kid (1), but you can try. We are intergenerational but we must have in mind this is a help-accomodation-food Exchange for one helper; so the kid behaviour/safety is your responsibility. We also have only one bed in the Little room and could be umcofortable for 2 persons. The kid should be very very cautious with the cats in all senses.

Please do not bring pets and please be a clean person, we do not mind at making extra laundry or at considered on timing daily douche.

Cultural exchange and learning opportunities

We do have some knowledge on world music, and food. My husband is from Canary islands ( he is 44) and I am from Colombia ( 39). We have 2 cats: Chocolate and Júpiter. would love to have rabbits and a Chiuaua and parrots and Iguanas but we cannot and regarding wild animals we would feel guilty. As we do not have all the pets we would love to, when we travel try to see them at their hábitats. We have been low budget travellers but in a sensible way, we hate "Gringo Trails" film described travellers!, we can share with you, our point of view on that, and we would like to know your experience at travelling, we are curious about a good selection of your travel potos and adventures. If you are a gringl traveller we will try to convince you look your travels in a very sensitive way regarding the destination. 

We can do mind maps together on issues that you may like to do on whatever topic you like or help us with the mind maps we are into while your stay with us. I coach people on balacing free time/work and career issues and by hobby I do love matchmaking. I do it in a non mainstream orientation but i keep in mind one needs to be practical and play rules at the system we are all in. We are not ourselves examples of capitalist success, but that helps Sonia to coach her own way. We are nor mainstreamers nor hippies but we can say: we cannot live without critical thinking and without learning something new each day. We love science news, biology, cosmology and attend free conferences on related topics in the city. We are really really allergic to fanatics in politics, religión, eating habits or any other topic. We are very openminded but avoid being close to dogmatic people. Furthermore, we love philosophy and respecting others believes and also be respected in that sense. Besides that, we are open to all ages/ sexual oriented volunteers since they can do the required tasks. 

We are experts on the exploration of free cultural activities of our island. Tertulita/Sonia is on dreams ( at night) and subconscious contact usage to improve self-knowledge and for creativity, so if you wish we can have a relaxed waking up morning having breakfast saving or recording dreams and doing yoga breaths... and then you can start working. Some days i will lead that work, sometimes my husband.

My husband is good at taking good photos of night landscapes and nature and likes gardening and sewing on the machine. He is astroamateur but not friki, as he does not spend crazy money on that hobby. He also likes to make things with his hands and is a very peaceful/silent person. I do like the conceptual design of un-fashionable and wearable art clothing, but like arts in general. I am also interested in creative development and on copyleft issues. We are very used to multicultural environments and like intergenerational Exchange. 

We have done photo shooting of visitors with the soul of models who do not mind to participate on being photographed with a wearable un-fashionable cloth. For us, any human can be a model. if you like that, lets us know.

On your free days, you also can take food from us and cook your picnic food. We have wifi and Smart tv, where we would love to share with you and also to learn from your own knowledge on social networks, music, etc. 

If we connect well, sometimes ( not always) we do some walks or beach rides, you can join us. But we cannot assure you that we will organize an excursión. You must be independent on the usage of your free time.

We have a terrace upstairs for sunbathing, yoga, stargazing and gardening or reading and you can use it if you wish but you cannot smoke there either. This is a Wifi -free área, that is NO WIFI there. by the way, please be polite regarding the use of your devices. We use devices and mobiles but will always be as polite as possible with other people who are in front of us.

Languages spoken

spanish, some german and english


You have your own room and toilet but shared douche. We live in a 90 sqm flat. with an 20 sqm terrace and a garaje that need fengshuing.

If you are vegan or vegetarian, you can cook different food for yourself with our food but we are not likely to change in a radical way our own habits. You should cook for us as well so take that into account if you are fully vegan. As we are not vegan. However we can say that our home is a friendly place for vegetarians, celiacts and diabetic people based in our own habits. We do eat meat but not much.

You get clean bed linnens and towels and also beach towels but you can bring sleeping bag if you need it or want to go camping on your free days.

If you are a party animal or a night person, please look for other homestay, the same is applied to alcohol drinkers, smokers or drugs users.

What else

Our home is reachable by bus and tramp but in case of tramp you mak walk 15 minutes way upp with your backpack. 

Beach is 1 hour by bus reachable, we do have several walking distance libraries and 2 wonderful cityparks very close to our flat. On several nights a week there are couchsurfing meetings close by or in La Laguna historical center.

our instagram account ( search using : capulinero ), may give you an idea of our interests and things we want to remember and not forget of our peaceful life.

PLEASE, if you come from Africa, Eastern Europe, Asia or Latinamerica just before comming to uour home let us know, as somethimes i ask you to bring some cooking specia, music or fabrics or Little handycrafts ( i buy it from you). Of course this is not mandatory, but it may be a nice experience for you, if you are not used to it. I did it with my last helper and it was great as he got a pece of fabric from Senegal for me and story behind that.

A little more information

  • Limited internet access
  • We have pets
  • We are smokers

How many Volunteers can stay?


Hours expected

  • 5 hours per day, I offer food and room. 
  • 3 hours per day I offer breakfast and room. 
Weekends off or 2 of every 7 days, off. 
Maximum stay at my place 9 nights


This host is also on workaway and helpx:



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