Human Harmony Nepal is looking for volunteers

Human Harmony Nepal is looking for volunteers to join our organization!


We work in the village of Kagatigaun and are fighting problems of polygamy, domestic violence, child marriage, lack of education and sanitation.

We are solving these problems by starting health, education, agriculture and women empowerment initiatives that will allow the people of Kagatigaun to gain independence and provide for their families.

If you would like to be a part of this awesome organization either by volunteering or donating please contact us!

Pictures description:

Human Harmony Nepal designed these cards and they are vital because they include information about the earthquake, education and how to use proper sanitation methods. They also are used to document banking details and family health information. There are two kinds of cards that we are giving to the community. The red one is for families that do not have a toilet. This card goes into greater detail about why they need the toilet and encourage them to build one. The green one focuses more on living a healthy lifestyle and creating a sanitary environment. We have already provided 1200 cards but we are continuing to distribute 1200 cards and describe in detail how to use the cards. Our plan is to provide the whole Kakani village municipality word No 1 with family cards.

Contact details
Call +977 980-3278325

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