Offering an amazing opportunity volunteering in a family home in the UK

Offering an amazing opportunity volunteering in a family home, with a family of four with two children. 
We’d love your help with playing with the children in the morning and evening before and after school, around the house and in the garden.

We like to cook and eat together, and share lots of fun times.

Our amazing town setting is close enough to transport to get about and travel the UK and rural enough when you want to enjoy its beauty.

There will be lots of free time and opportunities to get involved in our grand plans.

We’d like to build a tree house for the girls in the Oak trees at the back of our house.

As well as renovate the second bathroom in the house.

We are located in West Midlands, Kidderminster, near Birmingham.

Contact Details 

Bex Firth,

Attention: this host cannot provide VISA


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