Skiathos Cat Welfare Association -looking for volunteers in Greece

Skiathos Cat Welfare Association is a Greek Registered Charity No:2177/2011 (August 2011).

Skiathos Cat Welfare Association was formed by Sharon Hewing in 2007, although we are a registered charity we rely totally on donations via our website, Facebook, tourists, and various small scale fundraising events.

The purpose of our Association shall be to :-

  •     Foster a general awareness throughout the local community on the plight of stray cats
  •     Engage the local, national and international community on issues having to do with Cat welfare
  •     Make partnerships with various organizations to further expand opportunities to improve the wellbeing of the local stray cat population
  •     Raise funds and to invite and receive donations to facilitate the provision of food, medication and veterinary services including neutering for the stray cat population

Volunteer in Skiathos


Considering Volunteering ?

Please read our information leaflets and then feel free to ask as many questions as you like by emailing :
Volunteering Information Leaflet
Iris a recent Winter volunteer to Skiathos has also provided some additional useful information:-
Skiathos Volunteers by Iris

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