Volunteer with rescued dogs on one of Thailand's most beautiful islands

Volunteer with Happy Dogs Koh Chang.

We expect you to stay with us for a minimum of 2 weeks and up to 90 days. 
You should be a genuine dog lover and have experience with dogs. 

From 25 years of age and up.

We can host 4-6 people at a time from what one could be a couple. 

We offer free and simple accommodation, free water, coffee and tea during the day.
As a non for profit, relying entirely on donations and from logistics, we can't provide any food.

Please get in touch for more info if you are genuinely interested.

We currently have spots from mid July and up to end of August.

Additional info

Making KC a better place for dogs and cats, relieve the suffering and pain of the animals on the island and to stop the cruel poisoning through sterilization and care, was my main intention to start the project. As an organization founded purely from heart & compassion for the countless number of suffering strays on the island- I might have been naive, to highly underestimate the invincibly of most the hurdles, obstacles and stumbling blocks on my way to legalize such mission by becoming a registered by Thailaw, charitable organization, I have just quietly continued what I always did and do ever since I am in Thailand; feeding the starving, give medical help and take the one in need to the vet and pay for it.
First and formost the mission is to help the dogs and cats that no one cares for. Feeding, treating, spaying...1st. aid for the sick and injured... But on the long run the aim of building and establishing a shelter for the neglected and abandoned and all those who need foster and a new home was one of the priorities I had in mind, but without registering and legal papers, it is an almost impossible mission but I do not give up!!

Keeping the population of stray animals on the island down by means of the realization of humane spaying and neutering programs, was a major priority to start with. I am not a vet and unfortunately am I not that rich to pay 1200 Baht each female, and a little less for the males.

Giving vital, life-saving treatments to sick and injured animals will I continuously do, as far as I can and have the money left.

HDKC was willing to conduct rabies and other vaccination programs. Without all the requirements fully fulfilled, all that can't be done. UPDATE: We are in touch with Worldvets and we are working on it!

Education programs that would involve local community and school projects. Speaking with the local population, so that unnecessary suffering can be avoided in the future, was on the top of the list, sadly it also and for the earlier mentioned reasons, at this stage it can't be done :-(. Update: now working on it :-)

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