Volunteers Wanted, Hai Phong, Vietnam (at the Big Hero English Community center)

teaching english in vietnam

Big Hero English Community center in Hai Phong city is currently looking for volunteers

Big Hero English Community center in Hai Phong city is currently looking for volunteers to help us out with our Current projects we are working on:

- Teaching English for mid- income adults and children
- Working with local volunteer group
- Option to teach English at the local Orphanage ( 2 times per week)
- Help to do fund raising for Agent orange victims village in city
- Helping with social media, designing and writing contents for website

Minimum length of stay is 3 weeks.

Prior experience not essential, but helpful. Must have a good level of conversational English.

You will be required to teach over 5 days, usually from 1.5 – 3 hours a day, 

it really depends on the number of volunteers we have at the time.

You will have a lot of free time to discover the local area and there is a lot to explore: temples, rice fields just a few minutes drive from the city center, nice cafes everywhere around (the coffee culture in Vietnam is something to die for), or street food (calling all the foodies around, you will love it in here!).


In return, you will receive free accommodation and two meals a day (not on Sunday) that our lovely cook cooks, free drinking water and free use of washing machine.

  • Learn and practice Martial Arts ( boxing, traditional Vietnamese martial)
  • Learn how to cook Viet cuisine
  • Guided tour to famous places around the North of Vietnam
  • Cultural exchange activities ( karaoke and football matches every 2 weeks)
The real reward is the connections and friendships that you will make with your students, local Vietnamese and the other overseas volunteers.
Most of the people who came here for a short-term decided to stay longer or come back later.
Please contact us through the Facebook page and have a look at it for more information! We hope to hear from you soon

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teaching english in vietnam
Not all heroes wear capes!
We are Big Hero, based in Hai Phong, Vietnam. An organization that focuses on teaching English to all group ages. We want to help students to improve their English skills for their better future!


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