Gabrielle’s volunteering report from a volunteering program in Thailand

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Gabrielle’s testimony

A trip to the other end of the world

A volunteer program in Thailand – It’s June 13th and our beautiful adventure in Thailand ends in seven days. Seven Days, I’m sure, way too fast. Since we are here, we have all passed through a range of very varied emotions, passing through despair, fear, wonder and happiness, happiness to its purest state. It is sure that living with some other people and a hundred insects, eating with them, and sharing the kitchen, shower, toilet and three hammocks with them may sometimes be difficult but not insurmountable. Besides, I enjoyed teaching English to children so much.

Teaching English in Thailand

At First, I was more than reluctant to join a group of children for two hours a day and have to teach them a language that I don’t even know perfectly.

These two hours spent every day with my Thai students have finally been very beneficial to me. I’ve learned so much from these kids, I’ve probably learned much more from them, than them from me.

The beauty of an experience

In conclusion, during this trip, I saw trees of equal beauty, I nailed more nails in three hours than in 19 years of life, I visited beautifully grandiose places, I made meetings absolutely Memorable, I faced my fears, I learned, I danced, I discovered, I explored, I washed my clothes by hand, I took sun, a lot of sun, I took advantage of life, I ate rice, screamed, sang, laughed, but mostly, I grew up.


Check the program that Gabrielle took part in:


Location: Udon Thani

volunteer program in Thailand

About this volunteer program in Thailand:

V2T, Volunt2Thai – Volunteer to Thailand is a relief project in the Northeastern region of Thailand, called Issan. Its long-term goal is to help farming families and especially their children in the village, to build themselves a self-determined future. To achieve this, the members of the organization provide foreign language courses- and general education to the kids in the village, delivered through our volunteers.

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