Volunteers invited to help at DEWI ngo, in Kampala Uganda

Volunteering in Uganda

Destiny Wings International is looking for international volunteers!

A short message from DEWI volunteer coordinator
My name is TALEMWA Angel Pearl from KAMPALA, UGANDA

I’m the founder and CEO of a non-profit organization empowering the vulnerable young people and women in remote areas DESTINY WINGS INTERNATIONAL (DEWI).

We are currently looking for volunteers from around the world to come and volunteer with us and you are invited!

To create self-sustainable communities in remote areas of Africa.
General information
We work with the vulnerable young (children, youths) people and women and we have different projects:
1) Vocational centre, High school, adult education and scholarships
School Outreaches-motivational/Inspirational speaking, training re-usable sanitary pads making,
sex education
  • Co-facilitating in primary and kindergarten schools-Physical education
  • Sports or talent uplifting
  • Donating scholastic materials
  • Awarding best performers
  • Seeking for scholarships/bursaries for school dropouts
  • Fundraising for child sponsorship
  • Practical skills training-assisting in the process
2) Resource centre – community sensitizations, sports, youth clubs
  • Computer training for the youths
  • Holidaymakers mentorship
  • Training of soft skills
  • Practising for football, netball etc for friendly matches
  • Teenage girls groups
  • Teaching English to those who missed school-adult education
  • Attend to community kids โ€“play, teach and share anything good with them, colouring, writing,ย drawing, singing and dancing etc.
  • Teach Dance moves to the DEWI Dancing team
  • Playing and teaching soccer and netball etc to the youths
3) Medical centre – outreach
  • ย Health camp drive-outreach to the general Community-General health checkups and free treatment.
  • Sexual reproductive health
4) Economic empowerment – Savings Sacco, cooperative society, women crafts
  • Training the women with business skills-savings, building self-help groups, crafts making and other
  • practical skills like tailoring, hairdressing etc
5) Leadership training and camps
Identify, Mentorship, training and camping with the team leaders
6) Family Unit Empowerment – family visits and follow-ups, model farming
Physically visit homes for our beneficiaries (build rapport and verifying on the ground)
7) Advocacy – Lobbying general and specific groups
8) Administration
  • ย Help /seek opportunities Launching fundraising campaigns to support the organization at large
  • ย More computer /internet skills training to the staff and volunteers from the community
  • ย Develop innovative technological means we can use to bridge the gaps of illiteracy, extreme poverty and unemployment
  • ย Outsourcing /inviting other volunteers to come and help with DEWI
  • ย Career upgrade opportunities-scholarships for staff
  • ย Social media
  • ย Website designing and updating
  • ย Graphics designing
  • ย Photography
Other Development ideas are also welcome.

Volunteering in Uganda

Free time
We also take some time of official activities and we explore the beauty of Uganda.
This can be explore ring special places like local craft/gift markets, movie nights, church, game parks, dinner, storytelling sessions, meeting our networks, a friendly work schedule and time off.
We also award you with the volunteering certificate on the completion of the agreed period with us.
We accept volunteers as individuals/families/groups from all over the world.
We work from a poor community and we are moving towards creating a self-sustainable community.
We currently work within the available scarce resources with the existing institutions.
Our dream is to build A secondary school, vocational skills training centre, resource centre, savings Sacco, medical Centre, guest house, administrative block and establish a model farm.


How many volunteers are needed?
ย As many as possible (individuals, families and groups are welcome)
How many hours are the volunteers expected to help?
30 hours on average
How many days of help per week?
5 days
Are accommodation and food included?
Each volunteer pays $25 on average (it ranges from $20- $30) daily for accommodation, feeding and transport depending on which kind of accommodation they choose to settle in.
We currently own no accommodation premises.
So, to give you a convenient experience, we rent out in the guesthouses/ hotels about 20 kilometres from the offices.
It’s great for your convenience and above all security. Then we commute to and from the offices daily.
On our work plan, we have the plans to build a guest house for our organization in our community of operation but for now, kindly bear with us.
Which language will be spoken?
Simple English and our local language-Luganda
How to get there?
From the Entebbe international airport in Uganda, you drive approximately 40 kilometres to the capital city of Uganda-Kampala.
From Kampala city, we take a 60-kilometres drive to the DEWI offices located in Magoggo village, Kakiri sub-county in Wakiso district. Itโ€™s the next district to the city centre.
For accommodation, you can choose to stay in the city (60 km -55kmtrs in Nansana ) or the next town of Kakiri which is only 20-kilometres from our operational offices.
ย Is there internet access?
Yes, depending on where you work from. But where you will be staying, there is the internet.
The Internet can also be provided at work depending on what we are working on.
Weather conditions:

Uganda only has 2 weather seasons. Thatโ€™s the rainy and sunny season. No winter nor summer.

Uganda is sunny most of the year with temperatures rarely rising above 29 degrees (84 degrees

The average annual temperature is about 26 degrees Celsius (78ยฐ Fahrenheit).
The rainy season is from March till May and October till November.
Just carry comfortable clothes for you as long as they are decent.
In Uganda, for ladies, an attire with a length to your knees or a top covering to your waist is okay. Also remember to carry your clothes for leisure when we are off work, touring, beach, swimming and your personal effects as you desire.
Also, carry some good clothes for party or Sunday-church. In Uganda, we put on our best for God. The church is not compulsory. It is only for those interested in going.
Both males and females are welcome
For lunch, we eat what is available for use in the community, dinner and breakfast, you can take what you want to buy and eat from your place of residence or from nearby.
For weekends, you will be free to do what you want โ€“leisure and more.
We have a list of good medical facilities in the city. In case you get health problems, we shall be glad to take you to the health centre
To and from work. We either hire a car for that period you will be around or we use public means-Taxis to and different destinations.
This is the most sensitive part of your stay. We are committed to ensuring safety thoughtโ€™s, our committed staff will be there to accompany you wherever you will be to ensure that you maximize every moment safely.
Who we are is not limited to the above.
We are open to growing and so ideas from our volunteers to help us grow are welcome.

All the rooms are accessible near the road, self-contained. The hotels /guest houses have other services like meals, sauna, steam bath, GYM, room servicing.

You keep a key to your room unless you want your room cleaned or your clothes to be washed. They all have the natural breath of Africa.

They range from $20 to $30 per day and if staying for a month plus, a small discount is given.


Below are our links to Facebook link and volunteering :
Email: destinywingsint@gmail.com
talemwaap@gmail.com (personal)


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