Film Festival Morocco looks for Volunteers in October 2018

Morocco film festival

The International Short-Film Festival of Cinema offers volunteering positions

Hi Everybody!

The International Short-Film Festival of Cinema and Sea is organizing its 5th edition in the village of Mirleft (Sidi Ifni – Morocco) between the period of 3rd โ€“ 7th October 2018

And for this, The Festival invites everyone who is interested to attend the event and to contribute as a volunteer, to animate a workshop in the artistic field such as

  • photography,
  • directing,
  • acting,
  • video art,
  • editing…
  • ย or just as a staff volunteer to help during the event.

The Festival is also welcoming any
Show: Music dance, band, or any artistic show to be presented at the opening or closing ceremony.

The theme of the festival will be around the sea, so you can also animate any workshop that has to do with the Sea (Useful information for sailors, Sailing, Sea food, Fishing,…). Anybody who feels like taking part in this 3rd edition is warmly welcome.
Unfortunately, The Festival cannot cover your travelling fees and we don’t pay the participants, But in reward: We will offer you good accommodation, GOOD Moroccan delicious food. There will be also a guided visit to discover the charming village of Mirleft and the surroundings.

ย ย ย  *** We will also pick you up from the airport and take you back for free.


ย ย ย  For further information, Please write us to this E-mail:

ย ย ย

ย ย ย  The Festival FaceBook-page link:

ย ย ย

Link to Mirleft village in photos:
Some photos

ย ย ย  The 4th edition of the Festival of Cinema & Sea 2017:

Hommer,ย  the coordinator.

Hommer Abdelhadi

ย ย ย  Agadir, Agadir, Morocco

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