Help at the Epona Trust center and rescue the horses of the organization in France

The Epona Trust. Reg. Charity UK France is looking for volunteers

Message from the host

I am dreading the cold weather as it looks like I will be working on my own again.
Over 40 equine due back in for winter and one group of 12 horses and ponies that are now in their 30s and need feeding 2 or 3 times per day.

I managed to get through last winter and it has taken me all summer to recover as I am now in my 60s.ย  I am looking for that special person(or two) who is willing to work all hours with me, to help take tis heard through the cold months.

Foster homes have dried up and previous calls for help have fallen on deaf ears, can you help?

Thank you, this is a very special place and we love it!

Side Note / Please pay attention!

I have had loads of e mails from the Arab emirates and Africa and

I am not willing to get involved in visa applications!

This position is only open to EU residence or people who have a visa to work in Europe.Epona Trust Center UK France

General Info

This is an ideal environment to learn about the special communication of the horse.
The doโ€™s and donโ€™ts when dealing with rescue animals.
It is also an amazing opportunity for anyone who wishes to work in the charity sector as charities like to employ self-motivated people who have a passion for helping.
In the past we have had year abroad language students form UK universities, they have improved their language skills and have found permanent work in France.
One student has gone on to work with an international animal charity. For someone wishing to make animal welfare their life, the Epona trust offers a truly unique opportunity.

ย ย ย  Information about the organization – Its mission.

Registered Charity offering permanent care for equine in need of sanctuary. Our mission is to provide permanent care for equine that are mistreated, abandoned or unwell,

ย ย ย  Information about the place

Rural location but within 2k of La Haye Pesnel, with supermarket, shops garages and bars. We are near to the bay of Mont Saint Michel and within 20 minutes of the towns of Granville Avranches and Villedieu les poeles with train stations, museums, theatres, sports centres

ย ย ย  Information about the volunteering activities (what kind of activities will the volunteers do)?
Everything one needs to do to keep the horses in good health
ย ย ย  How many volunteers needed?

In the past I have had couples stay and that has been great. The man to help with maintenance and the woman to help with running the animals

ย ย ย  How many hours are the volunteers expected to help?

This is a question I canโ€™t answer, however my best volunteers have been happy to work on until everything is finished

ย ย ย  How many days of help per week?

5 Days per week

ย ย ย  Are accommodation and food included?

Yes normally vegetarian but I will do some meat if required

ย ย ย  What are the volunteers’ benefits?

French lessons. Riding if the weather is fine and jobs are done. Possibility of employment at a later date for that truly dedicated person

ย ย ย  What type of accommodation?

(home, apartment, tent, tipi, hotel, hostel, dormitory, treehouse, castle etc. etc.) bedroom and use of all areas in my house

ย ย ย  Which language will be spoken?

English and French

ย ย ย  Is there internet access?

Sadly, yes

More about Epona…

I hope this is sufficient to get us started, but do contact me if you need more info. Below is a add we have been running and I have included it to give you an idea of what we are up against.

Although France is a huge area to cover, we follow up on all reports of animal cruelty and we will pass the information on to the authorities in that area. However, a phone call will not necessarily secure the future of an animal in distress. France is a daunting project to the welfare associations who work here, and who struggle to provide the cover needed.

One of the objectives of the Trust is to build a network of helpers and safe houses across France, to gather members and friends to provide support to all other animal welfare organisations.
The Trust is ideally placed in the French and English system and is able to tap into the English community across France. We ask you to join us, in the fight against cruelty. Many of these animals will die in unforgivable circumstances without your help.

Please become a full member. help the animals.ย  For just 10โ‚ฌ per year,ย  your membership will help pay for vital emergency veterinary care on reported cruelty cases.

Thank you for your help
Ann Heighington


Click here to visit our charity website.

Registered charity number 1065013 (UK) 0501006626 (France)

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