Backpacker hostel is looking for volunteers and travelers in Scotland (Oban)

Good afternoon there!
My name is Marzia Ciscato and I'm managing a Hostel on Oban, Scotland's West Coast.
We have a volunteers program and I'm wondering if it will be possible to get added to your free list and get a spot on your page.

Hostel description

voluntouringOur Hostel is quite big, we can sleep up to 82 people.
The main building is a converted Church and we have the dorm rooms on the first floor (47pax total), Reception, Lounge and Kitchen on the second floor (the Skyroom) and the staff apartment on the ground floor.

We then have other 2 buildings close to the main one - one with private with share bathrooms and the other one with internal private en-suite (the Church Hall).

Oban is a port town. There is a busy ferry terminal and it is the best spot to go explore the Inner and Outer Hebrides.
There are few castles ruins around the area. Lots of options for walks and hikes.

Things to do in the free time

We are in easy reach of the Highlands by bus and train (the West Highland Line  has been voted one of the best train journey in the world).
Glasgow  and Edinburgh are a 3 and 4 hours from here.
Plus of course if you are a Harry Potter's  fan you cannot miss the Viaduct and steam train.

The exchange

We have been hosting volunteers for years and we can easily say that we really enjoy have them around. We are open all the year around. Main task for them will be housekeeping - cleaning and making beds -  and laundry.

We ask 3 hours of work per day (although most of the time it will be less, depending on how busy we were and how many of them we have)
6 days per week with one day off (but we are flexible and if people want to go explore for 2 days, we usually manage).

We can host up to 14 people. 


The accommodation

What we offer in exchange is a bed in shared dorms (we have a 6 and a 8 beds mixed dorm), breakfast (it will be the only meal included), wifi, use of the kitchen ( fully furnished and we provide dressing and spices) and of the laundry facilities.

We usually have a mix of different cultures on site, so the  cultural exchange is a constant - lots of people from Spain and France, then from the UE in general, some Kiwi and Aussie, few Asians, Russian , Americans and South Americans.

Most of the people are using this opportunity to improve their spoken English.
But there are always friendly free class in other languages.

Please, feel free to contact me if you have further question.
Kind regards,
Marzia Ciscato,


Opening hours: 7:30 am - 10 pm
Phone number: +44 1631 567 189


  1. good afternoon, I'm interested in volunteering, I'm available

  2. Hi I cannot reach you via the contact mentionned below could you see my comment here?


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