European Voluntary Service (EVS) in Schloss Glarisegg / Switzerland January - November 2019

Schloss Glarisegg - Permaculture - Garten Buntevielfalt


Permaculture and Ecovillage

The European Voluntary Service is a program promoting cultural exchange and informal ways of learning. Young European people between 18 and 30 can participate. 

Your food and lodging, insurance, pocket money, a German language course and your travel costs will be covered by the European Voluntary Service (EVS) program.

 In 2019, we can offer two vacancies from January until the 30th of November.

The project is about working in the permaculture garden of our ecovillage in North-eastern Switzerland, as well as living in the ecovillage. 
We are an intentional community of approximately 35 adults and 15 children, situated directly between the shore of a beautiful big lake and a forest – and still close to nice cities. For further information please see CONTACT DETAILS.


The website of our project:
The website of our ecovillage:
The EDE (Ecovillage Design Education)

A blog one of our former volunteers created during her stay here:

If you are interested, please apply with an email to: 


How to apply

Include a short CV, some lines about your motivation, and one (or more) photos. Thank you! Your application doesn’t need to be formal, the content is more important. The application deadline is 31th August 2018. We will collect all applications and look at them after the 31th of August, so don’t be surprised if you don’t hear from us at first. We will come back to you!

Info about the work

The main voluntary work within the project is about permaculture gardening
Most of your working time, you will be involved in the garden, preparing beds, sowing, planting, harvesting, looking after our ducks and chickens, etc. You will experience one entire season from the beginning to the end. It is a great opportunity to learn about gardening, self-suppliance with vegetables and permaculture.

You can join in some permaculture courses during the year and also in the EDE (Ecovillage Design Education) in january and february.

It will be the sixth time for us to welcome volunteers and we are really looking forward to you. We have seen how volunteers profit a lot from their experiences when they stay with us.


voluntouring  Many say that they learn a lot about themselves, about communication and about living and working together.

Feel free to share this post with your friends, family or anyone that might be interested! Yours, the garden team of Ecovillage Schloss Glarisegg.


  1. I really read this and got so so interested in joining it,coz I'm a good gardener too,i love faming,but living far a way in an African country called Uganda.


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