Help at a hostel in Corfu, Greece

Hello everyone!

My family has a hostel in Corfu Greece,
and I will be away for a month, so we are looking for people to help out.

Tasks are very basic, sweeping, moping, dishes and cleaning.

Ideally we will need one person for the rooms and another for helping out in the kitchen.

We also have a garden and many flowers and trees so a third person for looking after the outdoor areas would be ideal.

I do all these my self, you know how family business is ;)
 So if anyone is keen on spending a month with us drop me a line!

Hope you all have a great day and thanks in advance



  1. Hello Alexia,

    I am a recent female graduate of a film school in Ontario, Canada and have been working on a Television series this summer. My contract ends September 28th and I am looking to travel around the globe. I came across your post and am interested. When will you be needing help?

    1. Hi Alexia, if you leave a comment you may not receive an answer from the host. Use the contact details to get in touch with the owners of the hostel. thank you. :)

    2. This host unfortunately only gave us her Facebook contact profile to share.


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