Help developing a beautiful beach in the East Coast of Sri Lanka

volunteering sri lanka

Message from the  host:

Need Volunteers to help develop a beautiful beachfront land in Colombo, East Coast of Sri Lanka.

Unexplored and unknown coral reef, also almost abandoned due to the past war.

Ideal for diving and windsurfing.

Accommodation and food

Accommodation and food will be provided.

If you like the Sea, nature and want to help develop the land and help to equip and train the poor community, please get in touch using the CONTACT DETAILS.

Some more information...

  • We are looking for volunteers to spend time in the location. 
  • Identify the needs of the community. 
  • Should be sensitive to the traditions and culture of the people. Then jointly plan out how the people could be empowered and helped. 
 Before this area becomes popular, need to educate and work with the local community and government authorities to educate and take every possible steps to protect the environment and unexplored coral reef before that too is lost.

The people of this area have gone through a lot of hardships.
There is concern with the increase arrival of tourists and locals.
These unknown seas and areas will be soon polluted.

We need help in phase 1 to formulate a strategy and look for volunteers who can contribute.


via email or WhatsApp let me know how you can contribute and also enjoy Sri Lankan hospitality. Thanks CHRYS

via email

or WhatsApp



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