ORWDAP - a non profit organization located in Cameroon, Africa, offers volunteering placements

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Great and amazing Volunteering opportunities with ORWDAP - a non profit organization located in Cameroon, Africa.

Develop lasting friendship, learn new things, discover new cultures and create impact 

We are a registered Nonprofit organization base in Cameroon known as The Organization for rural women’s development association for progress officially registered as a Community Non-Profit organization (Rg No: SW/GP/02/98/221)

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With the Vision to see that women are empowered economically and socially, that they own productive assets and participate equally in the economy and in decision making. In this POST we have attach our list of volunteering opportunities within our organization. Thanks for downloading and viewing our Volunteering opportunity, It would be a great honor to become part of your volunteering program. thanks

Volunteering opportunities:

1- Vocational Training Center: 

We currently run and own a professional training center where we
train and empower community youths with unique professional skills, some of our training
programs include: Microsoft Word, Publisher, Power Point, Internet, Excel, Access, Web
designing. Extra programs include: Leadership development workshop, Entrepreneurship.
Training programs runs from Mondays to Fridays, Volunteers can help in building local staffs
Capacity, Help in training youths. Volunteers are free to introduce their
own programs. 
We are always available to help our volunteers meet their expectations. Join us
and develop lasting friendships, Create impact.

2- Community Development:

Under this program we move in to communities to donate things to
single mothers, Girls and children. We also carry out health campaign workshops and training
programs in communities. Through this program many women and young girls has benefited
from this program. Volunteers are free to take part in our outreach programs, they can help in
building women farmer’s capacity, and some can volunteer in community health centers.

3- Talent Hub: 

Under this program we bring together unemployed talented youths in communities, we mentor, train and work together in developing products, The hub act as a platform where
youths can express their skills and rise to their full potentials without any limitations. Volunteers
can take part in training youths, mentoring youths.

4- Health Campaign: 

computer IT cameroon
Due to poor health facilities in communities and the lack of health
professionals to address the needs of youths / Families in this areas made us to come up with a
health campaign where we bring together health officials to help improve health systems in
communities, If you are a health professionals looking for the opportunity to help people in rural
areas in Africa, Feel free to Join our health program.

5- Community Library/ Remedial reading: 

Under this program we identify schools in remote areas
without library and setup mini library to give children and youths easy access to good reading
materials. Beside setting up libraries in schools, We also move with staffs in to communities
After school house to teach children how to read.

6- Friendship Family: 

Great and amazing program for international visitors, Join and develop
lasting friendship, Share ideas, work together for a brighter future. If you are looking for a fun
and amazing opportunity to meet, make new friends, share ideas and learn new things, Join
Friendship Family.

Questions and answers about this volunteering opportunity

  • Do you regularly host tourists and volunteers in your structures? Yes we do, we have a volunteer house well equipped with wireless internet service free to all volunteers during their stay.
  • What kind of volunteers are you looking for?  Health, I.T professionals, Project writing, Fun rising, Youth work. In our organization we do not have any limitations, Volunteers of all works of life at free to apply; we believe together we would help many youths in communities.
  • Are you a business enterprise or no profit? A registered nonprofit organization base in Cameroon
  • How many hours are the volunteers expected to work? Volunteers are free to make their own schedule; all our placements are 3 hours maximum.
  • What are the volunteers' benefits? We have a volunteer house well equipped with wireless internet service free to all our volunteers, free accommodation.
  • Extra activities during the free time?  Visit touristic places, Move to club to experience African Music
  • What are the volunteer’s costs? Volunteers only pay for their food which is 250 USD for 3 months
  • Which language will be spoken? English


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Mobile: 00237679908105 / 00237650175442


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