Volunteer at a Horse farm in the south of Spain, Cordoba (Campo Bajo)


We need help ASAP and for later, we prefer longer stays and we like to have 1-3 volunteers at the time.

A bit about the farm and us.

I am 23 years old girl who bought a horse 5 months ago and after walking 400 kilometers end it up on Endriceu horse farm.

Endriceu has a lot of PRE horses and he loves them all so much! 
But the farm was not very well looked after for the last years due to personal issues in Endriceu live.

I stopped here with my horse to help Endriceu get the farm going again restart horse tour riding business, help to sell some horses so we can have a better life and more time for the once who stay on a farm and also to introduce natural approach of horses/natural horsemanship to people around here.

Endriceu with pink shirt, Veterinarian from the left, volunteers and me with my horse :)
If you are motivated to come and help us please let us know as a lot of different help is needed it, from mucking out the stables, horse feeding to making videos/photos promoting the farm on social media and horse training. (also many other duties)

But thanks to Voluntouring platforms we cleaned the stables for now and our biggest concentration now is to sell the horses, for that reason I will be doing a lot of horse training and we need to promote the farm and horses as much as we can on social media but still there is many other jobs to be done too.


I am a vegetarian/vegan, but Enrique isn't.


Endriceu and most of his friends only speaks Spanish, but I do speak English, Lithuanian and some Spanish.

Other info

Your main reason for coming must be to help the horses, and you should not be scared of working hard.

volunteers cookingAccommodation

There is a two room flat on a farm which you are going to share with me and two other Voluntourists.


The farm is next to Cordoba in a town named Cerro Muriano its very easy to get here.

Thank you for reading, any questions please ask :)))



whatsapp +34 603 74 95 39 


See you soon

  Horse farm Gallery:

horse ranch
Young mares

horses attacking :D

A view of the farm (1)

Horses food

A view of the farm (2)

One of the bedrooms


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