Join an Ecovillage-Permaculture initiative and start a new life in Bulgaria!

Ecovillage in Bulgaria
Message from the host

We are an English couple and we live in a tiny village in Northcentral Bulgaria, half an hour from the Danube border with Romania. Here, we’re trying to go mostly self-sufficient and invite anyone travelling by to come to stay with us, help out in the garden, meet the locals, see real Bulgarian village life.

Hospitality Exchange
We can provide food and accommodation in exchange for not a lot of work if anyone is in need of this kind of experience.

No skills needed but if you are interested in

  • organic growing,
  • permaculture,
  • cob building,
  • green issues, etc.
 bring your knowledge with you.

Happy travels folks

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More info – Latest News/update September 2018

Hello friends.

We are living and loving life in a tiny village in the peaceful countryside of north-central Bulgaria. I initiated this venture in the hope that others who want to make a real, positive difference to the world around us would come and take a look, maybe join in.

Surrounded by rolling hills and situated close to four accessible lakes, this area is second to none for a tranquil getaway, with the potential for you to make real life changes if you decide that you would like to resettle here.


We can offer free accommodation for people who wish to help out in either our garden or with one of our friendly neighbours. Also, we offer Airbnb accommodation at an outrageously low price if you just fancy putting your feet up or exploring the area.

The Village

Our village has less than 100 inhabitants, a lot of elderly people still living traditional lifestyles -growing veg, using well water, keeping hens, one or two keeping a goat or a pig. There is a family which supplies the village with fresh cows milk daily, a tiny shop/bar where locals gather in the evening for a drink or a chat, play dominoes, backgammon or chess, all very friendly and interested in meeting people. Most people here had never met non-Bulgarians to speak to before three years ago.

There is also a disused bakery here full of ovens, racks etc (in case anyone has an interest in investing in making bread for a community) a disused theatre which seats three hundred plus.. It’s in perfect condition, just as it was left thirty years ago- all the backdrops and seats still in place, with a layer of dust.

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Free Time & Leisure

There is an opportunity here to enjoy walks in the countryside, the lakes are available for fishing, swimming, amazing birdlife and nature watching. We often spend the day by the lakes, with chilled drinks as the temperature here is deliciously warm in the summertime, perfect for a swim.

There is a village hall, currently being renovated, which we use for music nights, the locals having been introduced to singing karaoke too. Most weeks we go to the hall or set up in the warm evening outside a shop in our neighbouring village and sing, dance and party in the street at the crossroads, under the watchful eyes of the storks nesting on top of the lamp post! Meze is provided by the shop and drinks are available at unbelievable cheap prices- 2 litres of beer will set you back less than £1 and spirits (including local homebrews and spirits) even cheaper. This is a slightly bigger village (three shops, a small church and a cafe!) and has more of an international contingent.

The spring water here is exceptional and will leave you feeling cleansed after a few glasses.

change your life


There is an opportunity to go for a horse ride down car-free (and carefree) country tracks for miles, mountain bike rides through fields of wheat, corn, sunflowers etc all lined with wild poppies, hemp, cornflowers etc.
Everything here is suited to what you’d like to do- no agendas, no hurry. You will be amazed at how much more fulfilling life is when you have time to step back from the rush of modern life and to appreciate the simpler things in life.

If all this sounds like too much excitement, the area is just right for chilling and relaxing in the peace of nature, or in the silence of a walled garden- perfect for artists, yoga, meditation or sitting reading with a chilled drink. We also offer outdoor fireside evenings of chat, music and peace.

Other Opportunities

There are many houses for sale here, all with huge gardens, wells, most with grape vines and established fruit trees. A typical village house would cost under 5,000 euros!

Come and join us

If you would like to visit, help out, stop by for a day or two, stay for a while, change your life, buy a house and land, bring some skill or talent, add positivity in any way, just message me (I am Adam Powell and you can use the contact details below) and we can take it from there.

Just remember:
  • 1: no cost if you are helping out, 20 leva per night including breakfast, shower, a bed if not.
  • 2: Varna and Sofia are equidistant from us. 3: Yes, we have WiFi. 4: No minimum stay.
Getting here:

From Varna/ Sofia bus station get a coach to Veliko Tarnovo, then a minibus from there to Varzulitsa. The minibus has a sign in the window – Велико Търново- Свищов, (Veliko Tarnovo- Svishtov), the bus times are 0900, 1130, 1200, 1500, 1700 from the bus station or five minutes later at the market in the centre. Cost around 6 or 7 leva to Varzulitsa.

From Romania: Bucharest to Polski Trambesh by train, then minibus to Varzulitsa- 0810, 0940, 1210, 1240, 1540, 1740. Or- travel to Ruse then bus to Svishtov and then bus to Varzulitsa from there, 0630, 1130,1400, 1730. Or: Bucharest- Zimnicea then ferry to Svishtov, then minibus to Varzulitsa.

Come on in, life is lovely

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For more info contact the hosts following this Facebook link

You can follow our Facebook page for more information or our Mewe page

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