Youth exchange in Denmark (12-22 October 2018)

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An Erasmus+ opportunity

We are looking for Danish, Italian and Hungarian participants for a youth exchange in Denmark, 12-22 October. Do you know anyone who likes to cook, dance, take pictures, interested in journalism or likes to play music?

Age 18-25 (in a few cases we can accept older participants too)?

Maybe itโ€™s actually you? ๐Ÿ˜‰
All the details can be found in the info pack (see contact details below), in case of any questions, feel free to message!
About the project

What is culture? What is ‘culture’ to you? Who defines it? What is it made out of?
These are the questions what we are trying to answer in the Youth Exchange called Cultures United. The topic of multi/interculturalism became one of the most discussed issues of Europe due to the recent influx of migrants.

In order to create a society where all people can find their ways to live and let live, to understand and be understood, it is crucial that we all gain an understanding of the real nature of culture.

It is not an easy task and there are certainly many ways to understand it, therefore we are going to use different workshops and different tools to do so.

The general outline of the program is the following: each day we are going to get to know the topic of culture from a different perspective and from a different angle.


Through different activities, we gain knowledge what we will combine with skills and teamwork in the afternoons. We are going to work in five working groups and these five working groups will remain consistent during the exchange, we do that because this way we can create something truly remarkable together! The five groups are the following:

  1. 1. Gastronomy group
  2. 2. Visual art (photo and video) group
  3. 3.Dance and theatre group
  4. 4. Music group
  5. 5. Journalism and creative writing group

Thought the first 7 days of the exchange the groups will work together focusing on creating new recipes and food, visual art materials, performances and written outcomes what in a form of a Show Night we are going to present for the local community.

If you see our groups will create the perfect evening! All of our senses will be spoiled with so many amazing things! There will be nice food, great music, fascinating dances, visuals what you had never seen before and even a written memory what we can all take home at the end!

The aim of this project is to create a mixture of cultures and unite them under the name of fun and understanding. Are you interested to hear more? Let’s see the practical side.

We are going to be staying and working in a community called Tvind located near Ulfborg, on the Western coast of Denmark. It is the home of the hosting organization (besides other institutions) PTG Gouth College.
12-22 October 2018, it means that participants are expected to arrive on the 12th and leave on 22nd. Please make sure that you can be part of the whole exchange!
Hosting and applicant organization: PTG International Youth College, Denmark
  • -Youth and Change Association, Kurdistan (Turkey)
  • -Al Teatro, Portugal
  • -Pro Loco Villarosa, Italy
  • -Utilapu, Hungary
From each country, we will have 5 participants with one group leader. The participants should be between 18-25 (in rare cases we can accept up until 30) and there is no age limit for the group leader. Each organisation is responsible to choose the participants and prepare them.
Tickets, refund and transport

Each participant is responsible to organise their own travel. The organisations, however, are happy to help.

IMPORTANT! Before booking the ticket please confirm it with the organisation from your country.
Refunds can be made up to the following amounts:

Country Amount
  • Denmark 20 EUR
  • Turkey 530 EUR
  • Portugal 360 EUR
  • Italy 360 EUR
  • Hungary 275 EUR
We will transfer your refunds to you maximum two weeks after we received all your boarding passes by post.
We only can refund travels where we receive the invoice of the tickets and the boarding passes.
We prefer if the groups can come together and in this way, we might be able to organise transportation between the airport and the community.
If a private transfer is not manageable, there are regular trains towards Ulfborg and from there we definitely will pick you up.
Other very important things to know

Tvind is a special place in many ways. It is a home of a very diverse group of people. All participants of the Exchange have to respect the living areas and privacy of the inhabitants.

Also, Tvind is a drug and alcohol-free community, with applying to this youth exchange you also agree with this term. We take this very serious, if you feel that a youth exchange has to involve alcohol and/or drugs, we are sorry to say, but it might not be the best place for you.

Food and accommodation

In these two areas, we will become a part of the community of Tvind. We will eat the delicious food that is prepared freshly three times a day and we will have two coffee breaks in our program.

We will live in the buildings of Tvind in twin rooms with shared bathrooms and toilets.

Wifi is available in the whole community.
What to bring:
  • – Towels
  • – Bath accessories (shampoo, toothpaste, etc.)
  • – Traditional food, drinks, etc. for the intercultural moments (no alcohol)
  • – Swimming suits (well…thatโ€™s a hope)
  • – Your passport
  • – All your travel tickets!
Application procedure

We kindly ask you when you apply to shortly introduce yourself and tell us why would you like to join the project and which of the five groups you would like to join.

In case you are selected you will have to sign an agreement with PTG that you will respect the alcohol and drug-free environment.

Send your application to the following addresses, also if you have any questions feel free to ask them:

  • Portugal: Alteatro – Pedro Ramos,
  • Italy: Pro Loco Villarosa – Carlo Farella,
  • Kurdistan (Turkey): Youth and Change Association – Umut Suvari,
  • Hungary: Utilapu Nemzetkozi Epitotabor Halozat – Greta Mรฉszaros,

Denmark: PTG International Youth College – Ana Cornelio,

In case of questions specifically related to the program, accommodation or food, get in touch with the coordinator:

Zsofi Tarkanyi:


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