AFSCO community needs volunteers in Uganda

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VOLUNTEER in Uganda in the rural area of Jinja.

Project starting 2019

AFSCO needs volunteers in the area of education, spiritual nurturing, women and youth empowerment and Health program.

Volunteers are needed from January 2019, so any interested group or individual feel free to send us an email (see contact details below โ‡“) to request for an application form.


About African Friends Service Community (AFSCO), the organization is a child care support project with its activities directed to help, nurture and develop orphaned and vulnerable children to become self-sustainable and constructive to their communities.

AFSCO operates in Jinja district-Uganda where vulnerability is high considering the high poverty levels, increasing dropout rates of children from schools, increasing HIV/Aids prevalence among children and the communities that pose a daunting challenge to those with responsibility to children.

Therefore, being one of the best NGOs in Jinja district-Uganda we are using this opportunity to advertise the available replacement of volunteering opportunities in the rural areas of Jinja district-Uganda that you would be so much interested and enjoyable during your stay in Uganda.


Interested volunteers stay from the period of two weeks to one year.

We look forward to your cooperation in these noble causes.

Thanking You,

Bampalana Mohammed
AFSCO Founder


Kindly send us an email or whatsapp if you are interested in volunteering.

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Author: Voluntouring staff

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3 thoughts on “AFSCO community needs volunteers in Uganda

  1. hello Mr Bampalana
    i am really interested about this project since i live in Egypt,,
    and i was looking for volunteering opportunities in Kenya or Ugandan or south Sudan
    and i guess my experience in the field would help,,
    can i get in touch with you directly??
    i know its too much to ask but it would really help..
    Best Regards,

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