Volunteers to spend time with our students practising their English speaking skills in Vietnam

disabled man helping teaching english in vietnam

Share time with our students and get hospitality in exchange

Message from: Mac McDougall

Location: Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa, Vietnam

host vietnamWe are not asking you to be ‘teachers’, but essentially to share some time with students so that they can practice what they have been learning — speaking, listening and understanding, questioning and answering. This aspect of their English is so very important, yet often so difficult for them to readily access a friendly listening ear. See my profile for further details.

Firstly, I would like to thank all of you who responded to my note – I am really impressed and it demonstrates other peoples’ commitment to our world.

I am sorry but I did not make our requirements totally clear.

My ideal volunteers are likely to be travelling in Vietnam and who have or would consider including Nha Trang on their ‘places to visit’ list.

My students live in the real world and will now, and in the future, frequently meet up with people whose English is their second language. So, experience relating to this will always be invaluable.


As I include in my notes – I do not ask for volunteers to teach, just to spend some of their time with students in the practical use of English – speaking, listening and questioning etc.

That is not to say that English teachers are not welcome, just that that is not part of the remit required here – basic corrections are always helpful but I need students to relax and demonstrate their ability to themselves, in a friendly non-teaching atmosphere. Visitors from any country will be equally welcome, providing that they can communicate in basic English.

As a rule of thumb I would plan that any visitors stays with us from one to five days.

I certainly did not make that clear in my note! – I am sorry.

My project is totally free to all students, at all times, and therefore there could be no remuneration available for visitor costs.
So, if you are planning to visit Vietnam at any time and could consider volunteering as above, it would be really good to meet up.

If I can give you any further information, you have only to ask.

Your teaching skills and enthusiasm will always be so very welcome in Vietnam, in almost any town!


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