Help at the Godson charity in Moshi or Arusha or Zanzibar (Africa)

volunteering in Tanzania

Help at Godson Charity

Information about the organization

Godson Charity started on January 2018 under Mr Godson Alfred Ngaiza as a chairperson of Godson
Charity’s group with his assistance, Witness Josphat.

The mission of the Godson charity is to empower orphans and vulnerable people through provision of services such as Education, Love and all necessary needs in daily lives in order to return the hope and build a better future. Also we support health centers such as hospitals, empowerment of woman such that to ensure everyone to live a better life.

Information about the volunteering activities


Government of Tanzania has started a project in 2013 where they donate some computers to every school. 
For this reason a lot of volunteers and interns are needed all over Tanzania to teach the teacher and also the students how to use their computers. The computer skills of the teachers and students are usually near to zero so teaching has to be started from the very basics.

This project is available in every school in Tanzania.

More detailed timetables will be negotiated with the school where the volunteers and interns will
be located.
  • IT-teaching in Moshi
  • Available for internship, voluntary work and teacher exchange

Computers become more and more common in Tanzania and help is needed to practice to use them. As a volunteer you can teach basic computer skills such as word processing and how to use Internet or email.

Computer skills are taught to the highest level (about 12-15 years old kids)
and to the teachers.

Teaching is needed in almost every school of Moshi, so if you are interesting of this opportunity,
we will find you the school which needs teaching on that time. Each volunteer will get a laptop
to work with. The student will be sent to the computer class in pairs so each volunteer will teach
two or three pupils at the time and then the next pair.

After the school hours the volunteers will teach the teachers. We have started computer skills
teaching in Kilimanjaro Primary School autumn 2013, and the experiences are very good.


In a society health is the most important thing. In Godson charity we decided to focus on that, so that
every child could have better health and achieve his goals.
Godson charity provides a nutritious meals, education and medical care. Godson charity trained
caregivers make sure that each child rescued from the streets is given love and attention as well
as important life skills, restoring hope to their lives. The children receive three healthy meals a
day. Thanks to good and nutritious food, they quickly become healthy and active. We make sure
children get better health together and make sure every child gets a health insurance that helps
him/her get treatment easily when he becomes ill.

Teaching Primary and Nursery School

 We can give the opportunity to teach in Nursery Schools and Primary School in collaboration
with various school administration systems. Volunteers will provide the children with an opportunity to expand their horizons learn from their experiences and develop greater skills for the betterment of their own futures.
Volunteering in Tanzania

Caring for Children Care Centers

Tanzania, like many other African countries has many children that are helped due to HIV/AIDS,
Cancer, Stroke and Poverty. This program offers volunteers the chance to care for some of these
children. Volunteers will have the opportunity to teach, cook, wash and undertake other general
activities performed at the children Centers. More than anything, they will have the chance to
give love and attention to these kids who so desperately need it.

Working with Women and Widows groups

We are dedicated to assisting women groups who run agriculture, small trades, jewellery,
gardening, tailoring, Batiks making, and other small income generation schemes to improve their
financial management skills. This encourages independence and a chance to develop new skills
within the Groups. Volunteer are welcomed to assist in providing these women basic literacy
courses and financial management skills.

How many hours are the volunteers expected to help?

We usually work 8 hours but we are flexible with our volunteers.

How many days of help per week?

Our volunteers will help five days per week while two days which are Saturday and Sunday is
weekend days to rest

How many volunteers need?

We kindly need a lot of volunteers and we have enough resources to take care of them.

Are accommodation and food include?

During your volunteering/ internship or teacher exchange you will stay in Tanzania Volunteers’
as in Moshi or Arusha or Zanzibar. In the house, we can accommodate many people at a time. If you want you can share a bedroom with 1 to 3 other volunteers/interns.

Our local staff will prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner for you every day.
Special diets will also be considered. The meals consist of both traditional African as well as Western dishes. Drinking water is provided free of charge. 

Soft drinks and beer can also be purchased in the house or from outside. 

In the house there are many bedrooms, big sitting room, western toilets, showers and hot water, and a kitchen. There is also a fenced yard where you can relax with your friends. In the yard, you will also find a real Tanzanian-Finnish sauna. For your safety, there are also a guard and dogs. In the house it is possible to use internet either with your own laptop or with TVL computer.

What are the volunteers benefits

Our offers are as follow:

  • 1. We can pay half of hostel cost for our volunteers
  • 2. We give our volunteers the opportunity to visit and to see on how Moshi-Kilimanjaro environments and Chagga culture is, (city tour).
  • 3. Also we prepare a certificate to all our volunteers.
  • 4. Godson Charity also offers free Wi-Fi to our volunteers.
  • 5. We give opportunity to our volunteer to learn Tanzania food culture.
  • 6. we always arrange safari at Mt:Kilimanjaro and Meru climbing at a reasonable price since we are closely friend to tour companies. The directing manager of Godson Charity is working in a Tour company.

Extra activities during the free time.

During their free time, volunteers can attend various community events such as playing soccer
with the local people. 
They also have the chance to learn street Swahili; beginning with the slang
greeting “mambo vipi?” the response being “poa”. This means “hi how are you?”, “Cool”. 
Other experiences include hash runs, African Live Band outings, visits to the beautiful island Zanzibar,
Mountain trekking and Safari explorations. 
The possibilities are endless.


What are the volunteers costs?

All short and long term volunteer tour programs have fees which cover the operating expenses.
Hostel cost 15 euros a day. Hotel is also possible if the volunteer prefers that option, but is more expensive.

These costs include:

Accommodation (hostel-$15 per day; commitment fee-$50 for a time he/she stay)
and transportation that is arranged on behalf. 

We don’t charge any extra costs, other than those that are incurred.
Fees for supporting fees for a time stay with us start from 1 week to 24 weeks is $50
and fees for hostel & meals issue is 15$ once is single and 13$ once is in group.

Which language will be spoken?

Tanzania we use Swahili; beginning with the slang greeting “mambo vipi?” the response being

Our volunteer will be using English and learn Swahili; slowly :)

Information about the place

You should prepare yourself for a culture perhaps very different from what you are used to.. The
practices at your workplace may also differ from the ones in western countries and things are not
always done the way you may be used to. The best way to cope with the differences is to come
with an open mind. When you respect local habits and customs you get into Tanzanian culture
and life style that you are coming to experience. For example by dressing properly (knees and
shoulders covered) you show how you respect local religions. Remember that you are coming
to visit and learn local culture and life, not coming to bring your own habits.

Is there internet access?

Yes the internet is available any time



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