Italian "Barter Week in B&B" accommodate guests in exchange for goods or skills


The third week of November be hosted for free, in exchange of a helping hand

I'm Giambattista Scivoletto and I organize every year the Italian "Barter Week in B&B".

This year we would like to launch the event internationally.

It's an event completely free for the Hosts. It's useful for us because increase the visibility of our  Italian B&B website ( in the world.

The idea is simple:

to accommodate guests, in the third week of November, in exchange for goods or skills.

See what The Guardian, BBC, Daily Telegraph, Die Ziet, Le Monde and many others are saying about the Italian event:

Invitation is open to all the host in the world.

 If you like it, will you spread the news with your friends?

This is the official international Facebook event, just created:

My Best


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