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About CCFU

Community Care Foundation-Uganda (CCFU). is a youth led non-profit community based organization founded by a group of young peoples who volunteered their time to work towards social transformation. 
It is working to improve the wellbeing of vulnerable young people, women & elderly in Masaka region to live a better & a purpose driven life through

Educating, Engaging & Empowering them.

CCFU is to bring love and hope to young people and to transform poor communities in Masaka region and in Uganda atlarge. Since 2016 CCFU has demonstrated that young people are significant actors in development and can drive positive change at local, regional and national level in the areas of Education Support, Women Empowerment, Behavior Change Communication, Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights & HIV/AIDS awareness in young people. We work to bring about sustainable changes through Educating, Engaging and Empowering young people.

Our Mission

To promote the well-being of young people to live a better and a purpose driven life through educating, engaging and empowering them.

Information about the volunteering activities (what kind of activities will the volunteers do)?

  • 1) Working in the communities: Here the volunteers go out with us and get involved in the work we do in our communities .
  • 2)Providing business and financial skills: Here the volunteers help women teaching the good financial skills management and how to start up small business.
  • 3)Teaching to our partner schools: Volunteer English, math or any other subject of her/his wish in our partner schools.
  • 4)School Outreaches: Volunteers join as we go for schools visits for SRHR services, counseling & guidance to the students
  • 5)Project Proposal Writing & Fundraising: Volunteers can join us good proposal writing for grants and do fundraising events in their home countries.
  • 6) Social Media & Website Management.
  • 7)Photography & Filming.
  • 8) Office work

How many volunteers needed?

We need 3-4 volunteers, each month of year.

How many hours are the volunteers expected to help?

Volunteers are expected to participate to our activities for 6-7 hours but depends on their wish.

How many days of help per week?

The volunteers are be with for 5 days per week. However, we are flexible with the days given the fact that the volunteer have to do some other extra activities while in the country

Are accommodation and food included?

Yes it is.

What are the volunteers' benefits?

Volunteers get field or practical training as they work with us and this help the gain more experience in the fields of working with young people, women and elderly.

At the end of the volunteer process, the volunteers will be awarded with volunteer certificate, recommendation letter and the African craft gift.

The volunteer will get cultural exchange, as they will be working in the local communities it will help them to know about the Uganda cultural behaviors, local language and they will experience the tropical climate in Uganda. And getting more friends as Uganda is one of the most rated friendly countries in the world.

What type of accommodation? (home, apartment, tent, tipi, hotel, hostel, dormitory, treehouse, castle etc. etc.)

Volunteering in Uganda
Volunteers stay with a host family (unless if she/he is not liking that) but our priority is on that! 
The host family provides accommodation and all the meals, this is one of the way to help the volunteers learn more about Ugandan culture, the reason for host family is because its cheaper that way and help the volunteers to benefit more! 
As the volunteer stays with a host family, he/she becomes part of the family and freely to engage in the family activities. In the host family a room is reserved for the volunteer and there is full Internet access. 
The food eaten in here is Mattoke (Bananas), Cassava, Sweet potatoes, rice, posho, irish potatoes, beans, chicken, beaf, kawo peas, fish, greens among other few.

 Breakfast include milk, coffee and black tea with bread, eggs, chappati or Rolex. 
Special meals can be arranged on request.

Extra activities during the free time?

During  free time volunteers can tour around the communities and interact with local people, craft shopping and engage in any other community events if they wish to.

Volunteers can visit Uganda's nature like national parks, lake victoria, Kalangala Island, Mt Rwenzori among others.

What are the volunteers costs? (Do you charges a daily or weekly fee?)

Volunteers are required to pay a contribution. It is a little amount to enable us cover the cost for accommodation and all meals + airport pickups, transportation and other in-country expenses. 

Total cost is $190 per week ($27 per day)

Which language will be spoken?

As we are in Buganda region the most spoken language by the locals is Luganda, but at the organisation English is the spoken language.

Information about the place (environment, curiosity, geography, folklore). How to get there?

CCFU is located in Nyendo trading center, Masaka district, in Buganda (Central) region, It located 119km from Kampala city our capital. Masaka is located near lake victoria the biggest in Africa, we  receive rainfall two seasons per year. The climate in Masaka is warm, humid, and overcast. 

Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 61°F to 80°F and is rarely below 58°F or above 85°F.

Uganda has one Airport called Entebbe, so everyone coming to Uganda in a plane pass at Entebbe, then to Kampal city and then move between 3-4yrs from Entebbe-Kampala-Masaka depending on the car and the traffic jam.

Is there internet access?

Yes, we have internet at the office and at host family.

Contact Details - website, e-mail, phone number etc

Kind regards!
Ratibu Kakooza


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