Volunteer at an eco community Värmland, Sweden

Are you looking for a change in your life? 

volunteeringExperience Ängsbacka as a volunteer, enjoy community life and connect with the deeper aspects of yourself.

Check out the amazing program and opportunities to join ängsbacka community for weeks or months in Värmland, Sweden! Welcome to deepen your experience in personal growth and empowerment❤


There are 4 different ways to apply for this volunteering opportunity. If you apply as a first time volunteer a weekly payment is requested.



Ängsbacka is a course and festival centre in northern Europe, located in the beautiful deep forests of Värmland in Sweden, halfway between Stockholm and Oslo. We offer courses and festivals for creative and playful people who want to live a more conscious life, live from the heart and care for our planet.

Our vision is to be a leading meeting point for sustainable human development, and a source of inspiration for social, personal and global well being, bringing people to the realization of whom and what we really are beyond thoughts and concepts.

Since 1997 thousands of people have been touched by the warm, open, loving atmosphere during workshops, festivals and volunteer experiences here at Ängsbacka. Hundreds of people have lived and worked here over the past 20 years, bringing their gifts and contributing to the unique Ängsbacka magic.

Ängsbacka is run by a staff of approximately twenty people, and between 25 - 40 volunteers that live here all year around.  

Discover our new website for the VOLUNTEER course season (see contact details).


A foundational part of the Ängsbacka experience is the collective practice of sharing. Sharing groups are usually based on your working group and are composed of 4 - 6 people.

The purpose of the sharing group is to give space for each of the members to share what is alive in them in the moment. It's a sacred space, meaning that whatever arises in your circle is confidential; it is neither commented on during, nor taken up after the sharing is closed. Everyone in the group will have the same amount of time available to them. Volunteers meet in their sharing groups twice per week.


As a housekeeping volunteer, you learn how it is to clean, beautify and care for our historic rooms and buildings, and provide a foundational space for the guests to relax into on their personal journey.


Our menu, prepared with love by our volunteers and chefs, is a combination of vegetarian, raw or vegan diet depending on the season, with many of the products used are locally and/organically produced.

As a kitchen volunteer, you have the opportunity to work alongside professional chefs and learn about healthy nutritive and organic food. Working in the ‘heart of the house’ you learn how we support our international and open-hearted guests from a space of loving service.


Volunteers also have access to a variety of meditation experiences through our daily program of activities, which can include the 30 minute ‘silent sitting’ practice, Osho Dynamic meditation, Osho Kundalini meditation and various styles of yoga.


volunteering in sweden

The volunteer experience is supported by a program of activities. This can be dance, yoga, singing, sharing, meditation, reading groups, men’s and women’s circles, and a whole variety of practices that provide daily opportunities for exploring ways of meeting oneself in an authentic and meaningful way.

The daily morning/evening program is decided and put together by the community. You are most welcome to bring your ideas, gifts and to share your enthusiasm in your area of interest! Our space is open for you to offer a workshop or whatever is alive in you.

volunteering in sweden


  • https://volunteer.angsbacka.se/
  • volunteer@angsbacka.se
  • +46 55 31 00 35 (10.00-13.00)
  • https://www.facebook.com/groups/volunteeratangsbacka/


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