Volunteer at MotherchildCare in Wakiso District, eastern Uganda, Africa

volunteering in Uganda

General Info

Mother-child care Uganda is a charitable organization in Uganda founded on a basis of providing high quality education to children from extreme poor families, orphans and children neglected of there right to education.
We have a kindergarten and 2  elementary schools with 800 kids in all our schools.

We support both orphans and need children to make world a better place for them to live.

We have volunteering programs.

Volunteering programs

Our volunteering programs are free.
It is out of the will of volunteers to contribute to our school projects such as construction, buying food for our little children, buying pieces of land to have more school garden and medication for our children.


voluntouringOur organization is no-profit and all fundings go to the wellness of the kids. We can only provide accommodation. 

Type of activities

Teaching, building, helping in school gardens, healthy camps and showing love to our little children.
Your time might make us cross the road.


Contact us today:
  • voluntouring.freelist@gmail.com
  • Maamaugandachildcare@gmail.com
FACEBOOK - https://www.facebook.com/maama.ugandachildcare.3
WEBSITE - https://motherchilduganda.wordpress.com/

You cannot travel but you still want to help?

Discover what you can do. Contact us!



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