Volunteer at Tafi Atome, Ghana, at a Health and Education center to empower women and children

Education is the key to every success!

That is why we inspire and motivate the youths of Volta Region.
Tafi Atome need volunteers because these children need your love, care and hope. 

By volunteering you will be able to cooperate and share your skills in their daily lives.
Working together to address the world’s most pressing challenges.

“This I believe: That every man, woman, and child has the right to opportunity: the opportunity for freedom, the opportunity for education, and the opportunity to enjoy their lives peacefully.”

That’s why our work is needed now more than ever.

We can now offer free accommodation, although we'd appreciate a little help with fundraising. 

And we are especially looking for Volunteers to help with Workshops to empower women and Teaching in our local schools especially our DAYCARE centre and in the primary school (people who want to help with other things are also very welcome). 
You can also help in our health facility.

Who we are:

We are group of students working together to promote quality education, women empowerment through education, agri-business, culture, Health talks and those not mentioned.

We invite individuals, organisa­tions, international volunteers who are interested in supporting Education, cultural development, Agri-business, environmental protection, and support projects/ programs and so on.

Where we are: 

We are located in Ghana Tafi Atome in the Volta region, Afadjato South District.
The role/expectations:
  • - you should be energetic, ready to help the community, responsible, have a sympathy,
  • - respecting the local community,
  • - you should be able to adapt to a very rural area, also in terms of fundraising,
We are planning to set up a rainwater harvesting system. And open to any ideas or funding/ sponsorship.


local cook will be responsible for all your meals whereby both of you join hands in preparing it.


 Basic accommodation bed, ceiling, and ceiling fan is what you should expect in you local house.

How many hours per day/week:

This is very flexible, but an average would be 5 hours a day/ 5 days a week.
From Monday to Friday.

Minimum/total time commitment: 

To make an actual impact, a minimum stay of three weeks and above is recommended. 
However, if you do want to visit us for a longer time period, it’s also possible.

Travel and Tours; we always recommend very interesting attractive tourist sites for our volunteers to visit during weekends and after their volunteering period.


Via Facebook,
 0549708957/­Robert Kwaku. 
Or by email: roberto.kwaku@yahoo.com 

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