Volunteer in Cambodia as an English Teacher with FCE TAKEO


About FCE Takeo

Foreign Center for Education (FCE) is a community capacity building institution, that offers affordable English language classes for young and adult Khmer students, fostering the development of the modest district of Angkor Borei, in the Takeo province. Located at 80 kilometers to the south of the capital city of Cambodia, Phnom Penh, our school is an important part of the community and its deeply valued by the children and their families.

FCE was established in December of 2016 by Huy Kreng, whose goals are to help his community and to facilitate an authentic cultural exchange between the students and the foreign volunteers.
Feel free to contact us for any comments or questions, think about volunteering in our school and meet our dedicated teachers! (SEE CONTACT DETAILS BELOW)

Why volunteer in Cambodia?

International volunteering

FCE is always willing to host international volunteers, offering them an authentic experience of Cambodian life, with a sustainable model of cultural exchange. Besides working with our adorable children and young learners, we can take you to see the real countryside of Cambodia, and you can experience the rural work with the local people, like harvesting and farming. 

Also, you will receive a certificate at the end of the course.

FCE is located in Angkor Borei, in the Takeo Province, near the border with Vietnam.

Things to do and to see

There’s plenty of beautiful rivers, fields and canals that complements the ever-smiling local people. 

Also, there are some incredible tourist attractions nearby, like the 6th and 7th century Phnom Dar temples. And of course that you can easily travel from Angkor Borei to the capital city, Phnom Penh, to the beautiful beaches in the south, to the magic temples of Siem Reap (with Angor Wat, the biggest religious building in the world) or even cross the border to visit Ho Chi Minh city.

Improve yourself

Our school is the perfect choice for newly qualified teachers seeking to expand their skills. Come to help us and develop your teaching abilities in an exciting environment!

Help Cambodia

By supporting us, you are directly contributing to improve the livelihoods of rural Cambodians in the Angkor Borei district. We aim to prevent the local young people from leaving their towns and families, by giving them tools to develop their knowledge and have better work opportunities. We need your help!

Detailed info:

Accommodation free*

The food included.
  • * 2 x bedrooms available – each one for three people (one double bed and one single bed). The rooms are cooled by fan.
  • * 1 shared bathroom – this includes a toilet, sink and shower. There are two additional toilets outside the main building for the students.
  • * Shared living/dining area – This is where you will eat your lunch and dinner unless you wish to eat out.
  • * Outside kitchen – from here you will smell many wonderful fragrances as Kreng cooks up his delicious dishes. You may want to join in and buy food yourself with the cooking to learn some Cambodian culinary skills.
  • * Family house – this is a perfect place to relax and have a drink in the evenings. You will probably be joined by the family dogs who are very playful.
The centre/home-stay is located in Prey Phkoam Village, which is a 1 hours drive away from Takeo City.

We need 5 volunteers to teach English. 

Volunteer will teach for three hours a day. 

 Saturday and Sunday off.

*volunteers are invited to donate a small amount for our children if it's in their will/possibilities.

We have an internet access.

Contact Details

  • website: www.iflstakeo.wordpress.com/, 

  • email: fcecambodia@gmail.com, 

  • phone number: (+588)99353628


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