Volunteer in Tanzania at the Glory Orphans Centre

volunteering in Tanzania

 my Name is Elibariki Amoni from Tanzania. I am the Volunteer Coordinator and Advisor at Glory Orphans Centre.

We're looking for volunteers to help to build a school and education centre for kids that are orphans or live in poverty.

Volunteers also help running programs for the Orphans, in the Church and in the Clinic.
We are looking forward to meeting you, and anyone interested in helping in any way.

Information about the organization
volunteering in Tanzania

The Glory Orphans Centre is located at Kigamboni and at River Side In Dar es Salaam, Tanzania; the aim of the orphanage is to help and support the kids and the widows around Dar es Salaam and surrounding places and cities.

The Glory Orphans Centre is lead by the resident community.

Our mission is to help the kids and empower them in their Education.

The place is nice involvement for volunteers and the kids.
You can reach us by ferries or Dala Dala Small van (min Van)

The volunteer will be teaching the kids in school
Helping in  Cleaning and in the Clinic or church

How many volunteers can we accommodate?

We need 5 volunteers each month or week depending on the necessities

Daily routine

from 8:30am to 13:00 pm
then lunch up to 14:00pm
then 15.00 to 17:00pm

around 8hours a day - 36 hours per week

It may seem a lot to ask a volunteer, but we really need serious help as we are dealing with poor young kids.

Food and accommodation are included in the fee*

Benefits from volunteering here

volunteers' benefits are
  • a certificate, 
  • cultural exchange, 
  • free courses, 
  • workshop etc.

Accommodation type

accommodation is homestay, dormitory,

Extra activities during the free time: tour, national parks ect

What are the volunteers costs 

$250 per 2 weeks, not only will allow us to provide full board for you, food and accommodation (3 meals per day) but also invest in children's projects and other vital activity for our organization! Feel free to contact us for more info.

Language will be:

English & Swahili

voluntouringInternet access is available


Please find us in:
  • Whatsapp 
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Website: https://gloryorphanscentre.wordpress.com/
Name: Glory Orphans Centre
+255620455069 call or whatsapp any time

thank you for considering to help the poor.


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