Volunteer at an English Homestay, in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

teaching english in Vietnam

Teach at the Rose English Homestay in Vietnam

Hello everyone,

My name is Lina and I have an English Homestay in Ho Chi Minh City. I would like to invite volunteers to help me with my English Homestay

Here, you will support our students who are from different backgrounds like university students, workers, even unemployment and the age is from 18-50 in order to prepare them a better English in the future.
We are here LIKE A BIG FAMILY, not English centre or English school, we live in the same house, eat, sleep, play together, we are a part of a big family.
Last but not least, we are here together not only to teach and study English and sharing English learningโ€™s experience but also we learn about otherโ€™s cultures, behaviours, the point of views in life and our own life stories.teaching english in Vietnam


  • + Language exchange, we will teach you Vietnamese if you are interested.
  • + Free accommodation, you will live together with our students in a dorm room, in the same house
  • + Lunch and dinner is free and cooked by students
  • + Our house is fully furnished including AC, Washing machine, Wifi connectionโ€ฆect.

The house is located near the city centre, and other destinations so you can discover those areas easily by motorbike and bus

  • + On the weekend, we usually have activities such as charity activities, travelling in Saigon or the countryside. We will be your tour guide if you want to go around Saigon on weekends if we are free
  • + We can also help you find jobs here to make money

Specific work :

  • + Basic and Advance class is what we structure now, we focus on listening, speaking by everyday daily conversation and correcting their mistakes in pronunciation, vocabulary and a little grammar.
  • + Maximum Working time is from 4 to 5 hours per day and from Monday to Friday.
  • + Keep practising English and having fun with students in an English environment.
  • + We have our curriculum and trainer here so if you did not teach English before. We will support you and help you gain as many experiences as possible.


Cultural exchange and learning opportunities

Everyone has their own dreams and passions and Rose English Home is not an exception. We trying to build it up to become an international home for every one where we come from different parts of the world but we use one language to communicate like in a family. There is no difference from us so welcome you to our family. Itโ€™s nice to see you guys soon.


https://www.facebook.com/Rose english homestay/
+84 122 799 8599


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3 thoughts on “Volunteer at an English Homestay, in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

  1. Hello,
    My name is Mathias and I contact you to have more info-news about your homestay. I don’t know how it works.
    I’m a french guy and I now live in HCM (district 3) for one month and I will stay for one more month.
    Could you tell me more about your homestay? Pls.

    Best regards Mathias.

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