Join Kumossi association as a volunteer in Benguela, Angola and live a nice cultural exchange

Volunteering in Benguela

Kumossi NGO

Kumossi is a social exchange association whose mission is to connect volunteers from all over the world. Our programs are, in principle, all carried out in Benguela assisting NGOs and other associations in their social action projects.

Attention: this volunteering opportunity requires a helping-fee of 35 euros fee per week.
Together, we want to help in the creation and development of a better Angola by supporting several causes, focusing on child care and women’s empowerment. All programs are of projects properly inspected and studied so that we can guarantee the best possible experience.
We believe that volunteers will become ambassadors in raising awareness of the causes of the programs they have chosen, further spreading our idea of spreading the good.
The name Kumossi means: Together!

After all, only in this way can we improve the world, together … For all.

The aim of the project is to provide assistance to childcare centers that are normally crowded due to the high poverty and disease rate.ย 

Child Care Project

Typically, these centers are low in resources and in great demand for volunteer work.

This project is perfect for volunteers who are interested in working with children in disadvantaged situations.
The volunteers of this project will help with daily tasks and help in education such as:
  • – Help with cleaning
  • – Assist in caring for children (Bath, Dressing, Food, etc.)
  • – Develop recreational activities for children
  • – Read stories
There are always activities to be done, so we ask our volunteers to engage to make a difference.
How many volunteers needed
Any help is very welcomed here.
Hours per week
We require volunteers to work at least 25 to 30 hours during the whole week

Volunteering in BenguelaVolunteers stay at local Angolan volunteer homes or at the project manager’s house depending on availability.

cccms and bathrooms can be private or shared depending on availability.

As in several regions of Angola, it is possible that there is a lack of water, energy, cold bath and weak or even non-existent wifi signal. it is necessary that the volunteers realize that when facing these difficulties will be leaving their zone of comfort.

Breakfast is prepared and offered to volunteers but other meals are prepared by the volunteers themselves.

In some houses there are times for volunteers to come and go.

Extra activities:
Some activities are developed for social exchange such as parties, conversation, theater, etc.
Volunteer Costs:

Volunteers who embrace our projects must pay a $35 weekly fee to help with the cost of accommodation.

This money must be paid on the day of arrival for a better organization of the expenses.

For more info use the contact details below.

Contact Details

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