Meditate and help others in a Buddhist meditation center close to Yangon, Myanmar

Volunteering in Myanmar

Thabarwa meditation centre is hosting volunteers from all over the world

Hey, we are a meditation centre located in Thanlyin, close to Yangon Myanmar, and where volunteers can practice meditation and donate their time, effort and energy to help others and do unlimited good deeds.

General info

Volunteering in MyanmarThe centre was established in 2008 by a local monk for the general benefit and it is taking care of the most crucial needs of the local community.

It has grown to a small village offering refuge 24 hours a day, seven days a week without restrictions.

It is a sanctuary for people from all class and regions who seek refuge or care and attention and/or the desire to practice meditation.

The centre provides sanctuary for more than 3400 people including the aged, sick, disabled, homeless and helpless.

It provides help without discrimination or restrictions.


Volunteering in Myanmar

Volunteers here in the centre will have the unique opportunity to live, work and learn alongside monks and Burmese people in a way not possible on your typical travels.

Some of the activities are helping patients with general care, washing and physiotherapy. Also, volunteers can help in the maintenance and building activities at the centre.

Teaching English to locals, making art projects, cooking, gardening and taking care of children is also something that we do.

Basically, each volunteer is free to participate in every activity as they like or to learn a new skill.

Volunteers can also propose and discuss new projects if they have any skills that can be useful for the benefit of the centre and its residents.

Spirituality & Meditation in MyanmarVolunteering in Myanmar

There is the opportunity to follow guided meditation, learn more about Buddhism or practice on their own. Meditation and yoga teachers are always welcome to join and organize lessons for all volunteers.

Volunteers here in the centre have the rare chance to join the monks collecting alms during the morning and have a unique experience about Buddhism and really interact with the local people.


Volunteers will be hosted in separate male and female dorms. Bed linen, security lockers and mosquito nets are provided.

Breakfast and lunch are provided by the centre and a kitchen is available for the volunteers to prepare the dinner together.

Free R/O filtered water is available throughout the centre. There are also several restaurants and shops in the centre for any extra needs that you might have.

The monastic code

We request people who come here, even for a short time, to follow the monastic code of morality,

which includes NOT:

  • harming any living being.
  • taking what is not given.
  • sexual misconduct.
  • harmful, harsh or false speech.
  • taking drugs or alcohol during your stay here.


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  1. Good afternoon
    I am en Englisg teacher living in Argentina. I speak Spanish, English and Italian. I would like to volunteer during my next summer holidays 22nd dec – 10th feb 2019/20
    How can I get in touch and receive more information?
    Thanks in advance

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