Travelling in the generosity

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Congratulations! Youโ€™re going on a trip. You’ve worked hard to save your money and want to enjoy everything your destination has to offer. You want to soak up the scenery, meet new and interesting people, and really get a feel for the culture, life and beauty of the land you’re visiting. Budgeting is important to you but you will be surprised at the wealth you have to spend if you open your heart.

Magic corners

In this monetized world, where everything has cost, where everything is calculated, planned and measured, there still exists a generosity of spirit and intention that is not currencied, that is in fact, priceless. This is why travelling can be magic.

This magic is most easily experienced in non-touristic environments, where everyday interactions between travellers and the communities travelled in are based in an exchange of human warmth, empathy, generosity–for example, a shared smile, shared laughter and play, or just peacefully sitting together whilst waiting for a bus. These moments are based on the magic of human connection that transcends geography of place and circumstance. These moments invite one to be here, now, and to be open to the fluidity that exists between us.

Authenticity in the simplicity

These moments are hard to experience in a hotel lobby, the spa or the rooftop cocktail lounge. We experience the richness of true human connection and generosity often in simple and sometimes austere contexts, without WiFi access or infinity pools or iced lattes in hand. This kind of travelling requires a mindset of intuitive resonance where what you seek is to be in place, with those around you. Sometimes this will manifest as a wide smile or helpful and interesting information that you have not asked for, or even an invitation to sit and have a coffee or a conversation. Some will advise you to be careful, and of course, it’s always smart to take care, yet is there a way you can shift your attitude from apprehension to openness?

Is there a way for you to receive the generosity of the moment experience and in return, give back? If so, do so! Do not skimp! Smile back. Sit and talk. Laugh. Be. Share.

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If you do so you will realize that your holiday is not just about visiting places, taking photos and buying souvenirs, but discovering the heart of humanity, a reverberation of mutual joy, and of communion with someone who is not of your country or your race or your culture or your family.

This is the kind of travelling cultivates emotional and heart-based growth that is truly priceless. Because let’s be honest, more Instagram followers is nice but the feeling that you can be at home in the world, no matter where you might be, is nicer. In fact, it’s priceless. And this is what you will experience when you travel in generosity.

By Sonia Patricia Castellanos Jimรฉnez

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